Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What I love about my Lexie Barnes Duchess

by Viki Ortega

OK....I had a Packabe before I had the Duchess. I can fit a TON in the Packabe and the non-padded straps don't bother me. So, then I got the Duchess and I took everything out of the Packabe, and I was able to fit it into the Duchess, including the Snack Capsule. The only bad part was that the organization is not anywhere near that of the Packabe! And, the Duchess is not quite so boutique looking as the Packabe...but really compare JJB and LB as far as fabric and quality go! They are both fantastic bags....but just different.

Anyway, I originally ordered the Viona print because I thought it would go great with me orange Bob Revolution! I was right....but I hated the bag!!! I had to send it back and exchange it. I thought for sure I would still hate the Bali Hai that I was ordering. Emma had it and she swore that I would just love it when I got it. I was really really afraid that it would be too loud!!! So, it came in the mail and I packed it up and put it on and OMG...I just love the way it feels on. It forms to my back and stays on really close and tight if I want it to. I can put it on and run around (ha...isn't that a sight???) and it doesn't flop or wiggle around. I love the little pocket under the grab handle. It is big enough to fit my cell phone, lip gloss and a couple of other things. I love the mesh pockets on the outside. The front slip pockets are small but they fit my cell phone and a toy. I love the front pocket of the Duchess, I use this as a Mommy pocket. The main pocket only has a couple of small slip pockets but since I compartmentalize everything that I carry with me in either LB minis or Be is not a problem at all. I really didn't think that with all that I had in there I could fit the Snack Capsule but I did. So here is what I pack in it: Be Quick, BabySpareWear, 2 LB MicroMinis, HH Pilot, another LB mini for odds and ends, a JJB mess shuttle for my coupons, checkbook etc, phone, camera, baby's "cell" phone, cherrios container, sippy cup and sometimes the snack capsule!!! I ALWAYS grab this bag when I go to Disneyland unless I am trying to "road test" another bag.

So....I was getting tired of my Sporty Stripe Packabe and my friend had the Sienna Swirl, so we swapped. I was so excited to get it. I packed it up and have been using it for about a week (no Disneyland last week) and when I put it on.....I seriously feel like a turtle and feel like if I turn too fast, I will knock the people standing next to me!!! I love the Packabe hanging on the stroller. I love the Mommy pockets, I love the inside organization....BUT I hate how bulky it feels!!!

The technical information about the Duchess: The main compartment has room for everything you need, plus three small organizational pockets. Front compartment holds the stuff you want to get to fast (it's also nicely fitted for changing pad, wipes and diapers). Features include water-resistant fabric, padded, ergonomic shoulder straps; adjustable, quick-release stroller loops; two exterior, easy-access front pockets; two drawstring side mesh pockets; hidden key/phone pocket.

Dimensions: 15”h X 11”w X 4.5”d


Erika said...

You are MAKING me want to try it! It seems like a great backpack to have.

Alexandra said...

now I'm rethinking the packabe and thinking of trying this instead I hope in the new prints there is one that I will like

Teri VanDerLaan said...

I can't WAIT to see the new fabrics, I'll announce them here as soon as I hear from Lexie Barnes!

Alexandra said...

didn't some post on babybags saying that Lexie was releasing the new prints today???

If so where are they??? I'm dying to find out what they look like

Teri VanDerLaan said...

I had heard the same thing but so far nothing... I'm supposed to get a media alert when it's announced so I'll keep you posted I promise!!!

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