Saturday, May 29, 2010

Review Skip Hop City Chic

We have a guest blogger today! My friend Christina R. Thank you Christina!

I received this as a baby shower gift for my first son who was born 11/08. I still adore this bag and have a hard time finding another that rivals its organization. >>First, the detachable mommy bag on the front is just the right size for keys, a thin wallet, a packet of tissues,  iPhone, a small tablet and a few pens. The external zipper holds two lip glosses and one lip balm perfectly.
>>Back pocket is the width of the bag is just right for the included changing pad, disposable placemats, three sunhats, small first aid kit, two compressed shopping totes and two board books.
>>Two gusseted interior pockets big enough for wide bottles (i.e. Avent) and sippies
>>Two exterior pockets that are also great for wide bottles or even insulated Kleen Kanteens for mommies
>>Back to the inside, there are four pockets (entire inside of bag is teal).
>>>>In one, Pampers refillable wipes case, three size 4 dipes
>>>>In second, three size 3 dipes
>>>>In third, toddler bib, toddler paci and paci clip, infant paci and paci clip, two sandwich-size cloth bags filled with toddler munchies
>>>>In last pocket, full size diaper cream, mommy hand lotion, small flashlight, one sandwich-size cloth bag filled with quarters for the carwash, green antibacterial hand spray, kid sunscreen, small 2oz bottle of powdered infant cereal, ziploc bag filled with green antibacterial wipes and toddler fork and spoon
>>Interior still has room for a Sassy formula container, one cloth diaper (burp cloth) and Boogie wipes
>>The final and favorite feature: built-in stroller clips that are super strong.

In case you can't tell, I love this bag and am happy to use it with two little ones in diapers. While its not a backpack, it clips easily on our (single or double) stroller and the tote straps that are long enough to wear over a winter coat. I have the black and white pattern, Columbus Circle (with teal interior of the main and mommy bag - eliminating the "black hole" affect) and I get compliments on the pattern all the time - even when I'm just carrying the mommy bag. ShipHop City Chic: great value!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ju Ju Be Announces the BFF Diaper Bag

Ju Ju Be has announced their latest diaper bag, the BFF,  this week on their Ju Ju Blog. I don't know mommies, this one might be just about perfect. Pre-sales will begin June 21st and it will come in Black/Silver, Brown/Robin, Drip Drops, Midnight Eclipse, Lotus Lullaby, Sangria Sunset, Dizzy Daisies, and two yet-to-be-revealed NEW PRINTS! It will retail for $150.00. It looks like the Be Fab married the packabe (because of the roomier size than the BeAll and the backpack straps) and had a baby with a grab handle! This bag is gorgeous. Ju Ju Be really has an eye for style and functionality, that is for sure. The fact that it's machine washable and PVC free? BONUS! (To wash you unzip everything and put it upside down in the washer on gentle cold cycle, air dry. Easy peasy).

Here are the deets per the blog:
Main compartment
- nice and spacious
- double zipper opens bag up all the way with gusseted sides so nothing falls out
- two gusseted pockets on backside
- two interior drink pockets on either end
- two picture pockets on front side
- one long zippered pocket on front side
- inside is smooth & beautiful-satin only, which gives the bag an even more upscale look!
- GRAB HANDLE — you asked for it, and we gave it to you!!!
- Feet on bottom
Mommy pocket
- scrunchy key fob
- sunglass case
- two small gusseted pockets
- one small zippered pocket
Zippered pocket above mommy pocket lined with Tricot (perfect for protecting camera or phone)

Back pocket
- comes with changing pad – approx. 22 inches x 12 inches
Straps and D-rings
- DETACHABLE BACKPACK MESH PADDED STRAPS — super comfy and convenient! If you don’t like backpack styles, then use the MESSENGER STRAP! And, as always, you can hang it from your STROLLER with stroller clips (not included) or using your messenger strap. The shoulder pad doesn’t have to be removed to make it really small. The slider goes through the shoulder pad and to the other side of it — so you can wear it at a “tote” length! Super cool!! So it’s like three versions in one: tote, messenger and backpack!
- A removable shoulder pad — the same shoulder pad featured on our microfiber bags
- A messenger strap that extends to 48 inches long or as little as 27 inches at its shortest length (with the shoulder pad removed)
- D-rings on either side to attach strap and also to attach stroller clips (not included)
Two large insulated side pockets for sippies or bottles

Monday, May 17, 2010

Introducing the Be Quick PLUS (Solutions Sack) - the Best of Both Worlds!

As a new product offering we've put together two of our favorite products - the Ju Ju Be Be Quick with the Bella Tunno Solutions Sack = Be Quick Plus!

The Be Quick easily accomodates either a Boy or a Girl Solutions Sack as well as still has room for diapers and a larger wipes package if you preferred. At $25.00 this makes a great gift for a mother-to-be, a birthday present or a gift for yourself! It's an excellent way to give a  new mom an idea for one of the many ways the Be Quick can be used!

Scroll down to see inside photos of a Be Quick with the solutions sack inside!

Available now at

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Diaper Bag and Diaper bag Accessory Giveaways by

We're still having fun with giveaways! We had a blast last week with facebook fans winning many, many fun prizes.

This weeks giveaways will be:

Monday AND Tuesday - Ju Ju Be Be Quick with Solutions Sack

Wednesday  Lexie Barnes Minis Set

Thursday Bella Tunno Oopsie Ditty

Friday Skip Hop Dash or Duo (depending on your style!)

Saturday $50.00 Gift Certificate at

Sunday $75.00 Gift Certificate at

To join in the fun simply "like" us at the Mamas and Munchkins fan page, if you aren't on facebook you can still join in the fun here by commenting or tweeting the contest, recommend friends and get an automatic entry! Any questions, let us know here and we'll answer asap.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ju Ju Be Diaper Bag "mini reviews"

Today's facebook giveaway was a JuJuBe Be Light Diaper Bag and to enter the contest I asked everyone to post their favorite product and overwhelmingly the Ju Ju Be's were in high favor. I thought I'd share them with you here:

I just got a Be Set and I am loving it. You can organize everything in your bag (especially with little ones) and it looks great too. However my very best feature of Ju-Ju-Be's has to be that it is washable! ... Susan

I love my be quicks! And yes I said quickS. The help keep my Lo things organized in my diaper bag. Or when I am changing from one bag to another to keep me from forgetting a need item! Also love the great colors! ... Rachel G

I love my JJB Mini Bes! They hold a lot for being so small and are just really cute and comfortable. I love that my DD can wear it soon when she is a little older too. It makes a great park bag and allows you to have hands free for chasing your little ones.... Joanne

I love my JJB MiniBe. I took it on vacation and it was perfect for carrying all I needed for my little one around the resort. It's light and a great size for all you need. ... Andrea L

My favorite product is the JJB Between. It was my first JJB, and it's just perfect. I love how the mommy pocket can hold my wallet, keys, phone and quick access stuff. And the inside is seperated. So diapers, wipes, clothes in one side and foods in the other. It's also the perfect size, not too big or too small. Just love it! ... Kati K

My favorite is the MightyBe. It is seriously the best bag I've used...I can pack it full or pack it light and either way, it's not bulky and is still simple to get things in and out. It's my every day bag right now and I'm just debating about ordering an EL MB! ... Nicole W

We love our JJB MiniBe in this house. My daughter loves the fact that she can carry a backpack like the big kids. And with her carrying her own stuff, I can think about getting a Behave!... Janelle

My favourite product is the JJB holds a TON but if you don't pack a lot it doesn't look big...I love taking it to the zoo, splash pads, day outtings, it holds all my stuff AND of course ds's stuff too... Lexie

My favorite product is the JJB WannaBe! It's perfect for use AFTER the diaper days are over! It holds everything you need for a day at the beach or pool, and the sand trap is genius!... Kyla

My favorite product is the JuJuBe BeLight! It's great for the car (just hang it off the headrest) for toys, hanging off a stroller that's tippy, adjustable for how you like it, insanely light. It's a fantastic quick on the go bag and can definitely be used for other than just baby stuff!... Angela E

best JJB? The be light of course!! I love how small it folds, it's so light, but I can fit a ton of stuff in there :)... Lindsay V

Be Light: This is such a great little bag for a quick trip out. Easily holds a cloth nappy, wipes and wet bag, be mine, a sippy and some snacks in the back pocket. It's an awesome bag for baby carrying because it's so light and comfortable to wear or it fits easily over the back the of the stroller. Because you tie... the straps yourself you can make them any length you like or even a backpack!! Plus it's reversable so you can change the colour to match your outfit. ... Georgia

Ju Ju Be Be Rich Review: I cannot say enough good about my Be Rich! Seriously, it is absolutely perfect in that it holds cash, coins, all my cards (license, check cards, insurance cards, etc.) plus it still has room for receipts or giftcards. It doesn't even get very bulky with all that in there either. I love it! :) ... Vanessa

Ju Ju Be Packabe Mini Review: The Ju Ju Be PackaBe is the most versatile diaper bag ever made. It can be worn back pack style, messenger style and cross body with ease. Inside, the storage is impressive. I think packing works best with JJB BeQuicks, but can be used easily without them. I can usually fit 4-5 quicks fill...ed with all of my DD's excursion needs. The outer mommy pocket provides perfect organization for cell phone, wallet and other essentials, while the bottom pocket is great for smaller items that you want easy access to. The organization, quality, and the washability factor make this bag a winner and the color options can't be beat! I can't wait to get another one in Drip Drops! ... Kristen K

My favorite product is probably the JuJuBe BeRightBack. I love that it has the separate bottom pocket so that it doesn't turn into a deep abyss like most backpacks. I can fit cloth diapers for 2 into the bottom and things for all 4 of my kids in the main compartment. Everything is extremely organized. I'm amazed at... the amount of things it holds, keeps them all where I can find them and get to them easily, and is still comfortable to wear, even when stuffed full. Most backpacks I tire of wearing quickly but the BRB is comfy all day long. And, probably my favorite part, would be it follows my 2-word rule since kids: "MACHINE WASHABLE!" It's a great bag for long days with one or two kids or as an every day bag for those with, well, more! :-) ... Kathleen R

Wow is it hard to pick just one JJB product since they are all awesome. I love the size of the BeTween. It is a perfect bag for one child. It fits everything I needed to take one of my younger girls with me and there was plenty more room. I carried a few diapers and wipes, snacks, and a few toys. Then I added my w...allet and anything else I needed. Love that it's machine washable so the dirt stains can get clean or that if you spill anything in it, it's easily cleaned. No more worry about moldy, mildewed, bags because you can't machine wash them.... Julinda

Favorite product = jjb be quick! These are soooo perfect for everything! I keep my giant jjb be prepared in the trunk at all times and just carry a be quick in stores packed with my wallet, 2 diapers for each baby and some wipes! They are the perfect diaper bag organizer too! ...Stephanie A

I love love LOVE the JJB BeSet!! Not only are the adorable but they have a million and one uses!! Small is great for change purse, corralling little video games, cameras, cell phones, and ipods. Medium is great for small toys or snacks in the diaper bag or car, mommy's make up or "girl stuff" bag, or organizing a drawe...r/locker. Large makes the cutest purse ever, is great for carrying diapers/wipes in a smaller purse (less bulky than the Quick but holds what you need!), or for organizing. We've got them in all sizes in our house, car, bags, school backpacks and lockers, and at Grandma's house!! EVERYONE (not just Moms) needs a BeSet!!! ... MJ F

Review of the JuJuBe BeSpicy: I love this bag, a place for everything and everything in it's place! Great Mommy pocket to keep all your things, you don't have to search through the bag to find your stuff anymore. Washable, antimicrobial, super durable and repels stains! My son spilled chocolate milk all over my bag and... it wiped off without a trace! So spacious inside, you can pack enough for two in diapers for the full day and have room to spare! Love, love, love this bag and recommend it to all! ... Leah

Review of the JJB Mighty Be: This is probably my favorite bag! It is so light weight and versatile! I love that it can hold so much. I use it for work to carry my Fuel Cell, book, wallet and books to share with students. I use it as an out and about bag with my 2.5yo dd. It's agreat Library bag. They uses just g...o on and on. It folds up and fits in a quick so you have it if you need it. I have used it hanging on the back of my drivers seat to store my carrier and dd's monkey/leash backpack so they are not just stuffed under the seat. It is just the PERFECT bag!!! .... Amy K

The Ju Ju Be Be Spicy is an awesome diaper bag! It has all of the normal JJB awesome features: washable, light-colored inside (so you can find black hole), no snaps/velcro, Teflon coated & antimicrobial treated. It has FOUR bottle/sippy pockets on the outside (2 of them with 3M Thinsulate lining). ...I don't usually use all four at once, but it's a great feature. There are magazine pockets on the outside which are not only great for mama's magazines, but also for kid's books or coloring books or any other papers you may need to carry (being an accountant, I've put my family's tax returns in there). The four mesh pockets on the inside help to keep everything organized. There is a big zipper pocket on the inside, but I haven't figured out what to put in there yet. The mommy pocket totally rocks! I love the key chain scrunchy and the sunglasses case! Plus, keeping my items in a separate pocket helps me to quickly find what I need. The strap options are great. Sometimes I like to carry my Be Spicy with the tote straps, and other times I prefer to use the messenger strap! When you want the tote straps out of the way, you can tuck them into the magazine pocket. The Be Spicy also comes with the Be Connected straps...which I use all the time on my stroller. The only negative comment I have for the Be Spicy is that it can get a bit mis-shapen when you try to shove too much into it. But, overall, I recommend the Be Spicy to any mommy (or daddy)! ... Adrienne S.

Reviews of the JJB WannaBe:this bag is the perfect beach bag!! I like that it has outside elastic towel holder to save space on the inside.It has a lot of pockets and one of the pockets is cooler pocket with wipe clean lining and insulation.I love the fact that it has a sand trap sand drain. You just open the zipper, ...shake the sand out and zip it up again and you are done. ...Betty

Review of the JuJuBe BeRich: I was so thrilled when JJB came out with the Rich! It is the FIRST wallet that has ever had enough slots for all of my cards! It also fits my cash perfectly, and even has several extra long slots that can be used to coupons, receipts, etc. I LOVE IT! ♥ ...Anneke

JJB Be Major Review: I absolutely love my Be Major! It has the perfect number of card slots, pocket for my coupons, and a zipper pocket for cash! It holds two lip glosses and a pen, which are essential for me, as well as a key fob and photo holders for my little cuties. It has a short strap to use it as a wristlet ( is what I normally do!) or a long strap to use it as a purse. And it's a perfect fit for my phone in the outer pocket. I love that I can quickly grab it and go, without the kids, or move it between my purse and diaper bag, or between different diaper bags. I absolutely love it, and can't wait for the Earth Leather one to arrive that I ordered from Mamas and Munchkins! :) ... Mandi

Review of the JJB BeQuick!
I LOVE QUICKS! They are so versatile and stylish to take anywhere. They have a great wristlet handle and an interior pocket for diaper creams or other necessities. You can never have too many BeQuicks...for diapers/wipes, toys, first aid, cosmetic bag, and the list goes on! They come in perfect prints too :) ... Alyssa

Join our facebook fan page to join us in the fun. There are big giveaways coming up,  including the next three days!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

DeNaiHoldingBagThe Heirloom by Petunia fabric is a showcase of Petunia’s most adored and iconic patterns, woven into one from the past ten years. Striking a pitch-perfect balance between classic charm and modern sensibility, Petunia’s limited edition 10th anniversary diaper bag will be one that mother’s will want to pass down to future generations.

Congratulations to Petunia Pickle Bottom for 10 years of stunning diaper bags! 

This year, Petunia Pickle Bottom celebrates their 10 year anniversary by introducing Heirloom by Petunia– a limited edition fabric to celebrate 10 years of striking bold new paths across the fashion landscape for mothers the world over.
“I wanted to design a fabric that symbolized a modern day memory quilt for Petunia,” says Denai Jones, President and Founder. “It has been a profound experience to reflect and reminisce about the fabrics from season’s pasts – so many life and company evolutions and experiences inspired the fabrics over the last 10 years. I am looking forward to all the futures journeys and creating fashionable, functional lifestyle products for savvy parents.”

 More than three little words, Petunia Pickle Bottom is a lifestyle—a different way of looking at the world. And perhaps nowhere else is that difference more distinct, unique or decidedly fashionable than in the Petunia products themselves. A perennial exhibit of bold lines, daring colors and darling designer details, Petunia Pickle Bottom was created for the steadfast sophisticate inside every woman. Silk brocades, hand-woven tweeds, plush chenilles, intricate cut velvets, and exquisitely detailed embroidery—every one a Petunia hallmark, and every one an expression of motherhood’s myriad facets.

Born out of a desire to bring style and sophistication to the world of modern parenting, Petunia Pickle Bottom was founded in 2000 by a trio of people who pay homage to the chic mommy who makes a statement without saying a word.

Striking a pitch-perfect balance between classic charm and modern sensibility, the LIMITED EDITION 10th anniversary fabric is a showcase of the most adored and iconic patterns, woven into one.

href="file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5Csbennett%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtmlclip1%5C01%5Cclip_colorschememapping.xml" rel="colorSchemeMapping"> Espresso/Gold/Cream modern garden design with vignettes of past Petunia fabrics blooming throughout. Hand embroidered detail in golden hues and tranquil blues. Espresso water resistant lining and Espresso straps.
Hands-free backpack or long messenger strap
Built-in changing station with detachable changing pad
2 large diaper/wipes pockets
4 bottle pockets
2 organizational pockets
Small pacifier pocket
Detachable dirty diaper pouch
“No more digging” key clip
Water-resistant liner
PPB monogrammed wipes case
Dimensions: 13 X 13.5 X 5.5 in.
PVC-Free Glazed “wipe-able” exterior
-pictures from Petunia Pickle Bottom

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Diaper Bags - What to pack

Happy Mothers Day!

Being Mothers Day I thought I'd give myself the weekend off of blogging, yet I couldn't stay away. I thought I'd repost my tips on "the bare necessities". A diaper bag is truly a mothers support system which is why I like to refer to them as your babies life support system. Everything you cannot personally provide (breastfeeding, hugs and kisses, back pats) must be carried with you so that you can function while you are out and about.

How to Properly Prepare your Life Support System

Diapers - disposable or cloth, add two to the number you think you will need for your outing (better to be safe than sorry).
Wipes - wet wipes for diaper changes AND antibacterial wipes for wiping down changing tables and who knows what else while you are out. The fashionable will want to look at the gorgeous designer cases out today. If you are a casual mom, ziplock bags work just fine too, they just aren't as "green".

Diaper Cream - Need we say more? Tip: keep a couple of diapers, some wipes and a tube of cream (we always liked "Butt Paste") in a Be Quick from Ju Ju Be. This handy wristlet makes a quick change to the restroom a snap, and it comes in gorgeous color options.

Changing Pad, Blanket, Burp Cloth, Bib(s) - Blanket can double as a changing pad if yours gets dirty and we've been known to use burp cloths as pillows on hard surfaces.

First Aid/Toiletries Kit - Very important, you don't want to be searching all over for that nose sucker when you really need it do you? We also like the size range of the Lexie Barnes mini's to keep these items neat and organized. Don't forget pain reliever for baby and for yourself.

Bottles/Sippies, Formula/Breastmilk, Baby Food and Snacks - depending on babies age. Check out the range of accessories from Ju Ju Be from sippy and bottle rockets to their snack capsule which is an insulated bag that will keep bottles, baby food jars and any sort of snack cool as a cucumber; the snack capsule includes a zipper pocket on top for spoons, teething rings, etc. The new fuel cell by Ju Ju Be is one of my favorite accessories for these items.

Extra Clothes - you never know when you'll experience one of those surprise blow-outs (most often after you've just changed the baby, of course). Spills and accidents will frequently leave babies in need of new clothes, so a spare outfit is essential. Also keep in mind weather changes. Nursing moms may want to stock their bag with an extra shirt of their own, there is nothing more embarrasing then walking around with two wet circles you know where...

Mess Bag(s) - self explanatory. Holds dirty diapers and soiled clothing. You CAN use ziploc bags but why do that when there are so many gorgeous options out there to use instead? You might want to keep a small sealable bag for each disposable diaper on hand, technically these are hazardous waste (yes, seriously) and need to be disposed of properly at home and not in public.

Entertainment - yes, entertainment. Early on it's rattles and colorful toys; later it's crayons, books, magnadoodles and dinosaurs. We are a big fan of the Lexie Barnes minis and Ju Ju Be Be Quicks for this too. Organization is key here.

Oh, if you are a babywearer don't forget your favorite sling!Phew, did we forget anything? Let us know and we'll add it.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Diaper Bag Organization with Ju Ju Be and Lexie Barnes products - review and giveaway

Some of us are more organized than others for sure, minimally you need some compartments in your diaper bag to put small items so they don't get lost and ideally the ability to insulate bottles and food. If your diaper bag doesn't provide that or it doesn't provide enough then here are some products that you will LOVE!

Lexie Barnes Mini sets
Always a favorite in every size, the Lexie Barnes Set o'Minis is perfect for stowing, storing, toting, and protecting all of your itty bittys. From cosmetics or coins to cables and cords – and every notion in between - we've got you covered.
Other great tips: The XL is great for sorting intimates or holding all of your toiletries when you travel, and it's also the perfect fit for a box of baby wipes and 4 diapers. The small makes a great little wallet - and it's just the right size to hold your camera!
Features: Water-resistant waxed canvas, wipeable logo lining; nickel zipper; and black nylon tab. Sold as a set of four nesting sizes.
Small: 4.5 x 6.25 - perfect for change, coupons, credit cards, membership cards, cash
Medium: 5.5 x 8 - great for heavier coupon carriers, small first aid kits, small camera
Large: 6.5 x 9.5 - snacks, sunscreen and lotions, cosmetics, newborn clothing
X-Large: 8 x 11 - dipes and wipes, spare clothing, crayons and paper, small toys for the restaurant, snacks, the list is endless

You can buy these on the Lexie Barnes website as a set for $59.00, alternatively you can buy them individually at (and they are 25% off for a limited time). They come in three different prints to suit your style. These are great for travelers as well.

Ju Ju Be  3 pc. Be Set  
The Ju Ju Be Be Set is a collection of three super cute little bags in different sizes. The Ju Ju Be Be Set Baglets give you a great head start when racing off to the next event. The Ju Ju Be Be Set comes with two fun straps to make this choice a real winner! Grab and go with the Ju Ju Be Set where you can Be Set for anything that comes your way! The Ju Ju Be Be Set Features: Gusseted coin purse with extra long zipper so you can reach your money without having to turn it inside out A short and long strap included to have fun changing from wrislet to mini purse and back again Locking zipper pulls on the large one to keep those medicines and things out of your little ones reach (Lock not included) Teflon and AgION fabric treatments Wipeable and machine washable 3 great bags in matching prints
Mini: 4.5" x 2.5" x 7.5"
Medium: 4.5" x 8.25" x 1.5"
Large: 5.5" x 9" x 2" - makes a great small purse with it's long strap

Ju Ju Be Fuel Cell

Fuel up! This great looking bottle bag/lunch sack fits more than you’d think! The Ju-Ju-Be Fuel Cell will comfortably hold three tall bottles with room to spare, or pack your own snack and water bottle for lunch. The 3M Thinsulate lining keeps things cool or toasty so you can serve lunch at just the right temperature. Eat up!
  • quick grab handle with swivel clip… hooks onto your bag, stroller etc.
  • fun decorative star stitching on front panel
  • interior clear zipper lid pocket. good place for napkins, spoons, or even an icepack
  • machine washable!
  • AgION natural antimicrobial treatment keeps your baby sanitary
  • 3M Thinsulate. hot stuff stays hot, and cool stuff stays cool
SIZE: 7" x 9" x 4.25"

We will be doing a random drawing to giveaway a Ju Ju be Be Set on our facebook fan page. 
Obtain entries by comment here, comment on the actual fan page, tweet and post here, blog about this contest OR post it on your facebook status. You can do each of these daily. Drawing will be on Mother's Day. Have fun!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ju Ju Be Mini Be Diaper Bag Review

Our first review of the Ju Ju Be Mini Be was in January 2008 by Amy Barseghian, Pink Lady and Diaper Bagaholic. I was just mentioning to Felicia, one of our fellow diaper bag junkies that this would be the perfect toddler bag and it's definitely a bag worth revisiting. Here's why, first take a look at the inside:

The bag measures 7.75" x 12" x 4" and weighs one pound six ounces. The first part of the Mini Be that you notice when looking at the front is the large pocket that is gusseted which allow you to put more in there without it looking stuffed. Inside the pocket is a scrunchy key chain with a lobster claw clasp to keep your keys within easy reach. There is also room for a slim wipes case or a couple of diapers if you would prefer to keep your keys in the main compartment. 
The pocket closes with a "smart magnet" which will easily close without having to match up the magnets like on a typical magnetic closure. A word of caution, since the magnets are so strong they can effect electronics with magnetic hard drives such as smart phones, ipods, PDAs, etc if you get them close to the magnets so make sure to store them in a different section of your bag and you won't have any problems. (I personally haven't heard of any actual issues but better to be safe than sorry.)
Behind the pocket is the double zippers that open up the main compartment. The zippers unzip all the way down to the bottom of the bag with more gussets so that you have full access without anything falling out. Also, as with all Ju-Ju-Be's, the inner lining is light colored so you won't get a "black hole" effect. There is one small mesh pocket that hangs near the back of the main compartment where you can put your cell phone, a couple of binkies, or even a small wallet. I love having this mesh pocket for stashing things that I don't want to fall to the bottom of my bag. 
The rest of the main compartment is open so you can organize it how it works best for you. The main compartment can hold a lot more than it seems that it could. I mostly use my Mini Be for a purse for myself and can fit a 20oz water bottle, my wallet, a make up bag, a be quick (another great ju-ju-be product) filled with wipes, toiletries, etc., a purse sized brush, my glasses case, sunglasses, and still have room left over. 
On both sides of the bag you'll notice a bottle/sippie pocket that can hold most types of bottles, although the pockets are smaller than on the other bags and are a tight fit. Behind the zippers to the main compartment is another pocket that which closes with a zipper and opens up to the snack compartment lined with a plastic waterproof material and can keep snacks safe for taking on the go.  If something spills or leaks it can be wiped right out or rinsed out if needed. 
The back of the Mini Be is a mesh fabric which breaths very nicely and is comfortable when wearing the bag for long periods of time.  As mentioned before, the straps are great and the top half that hits your shoulder is padded with memory foam and is lined with the same mesh that is on the backside of the bag, making the bag even more comfortable to carry. As is true with all of the bags in the Ju Ju Be line the Mini Be is machine washable (upside down and open) and air dry which makes clean up a breeze.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Diaper Bag Sale - up to 70% off at Poutbaby

I came across this incredible sale at Poutbaby - their bags are 70% off right now, quanties appear to be limited so hurry! I'm LOVING the Pout Pouch.

Brown w/ coral interior

Bold leather trim and sleek quilted exterior make this baby bag a must for all moms. It is designed to carry all your baby needs and has just the right amount of pockets for your little one and you.

  • Sleek, chic, quilted nylon exterior
  • Easy-wipe interior, exterior, and changing pad
  • 4 large interior pockets for diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, and change of clothes
  • 2 small interior pockets
  • 2 exterior bottle or sippy cup pockets
  • 1 large exterior pocket
  • 1 interior zipper for personal belongings
  • Waterproof lining protects against spills
  • Key/toy/pacifier clip
  • Tie Closure
  • The Lola Diaper Bag is great bag for twins and two kids
  • Dimensions 18 x 13 x 6
Price: $168.00 $65.00

Brown w/ coral interior

This fabulous backpack is perfect for moms on the go and has just the right amount of space for baby and mom

  • Sleek, chic, quilted nylon exterior (plush and soft)
  • Easy wipe interior and exterior
  • Magnetic and tie closure
  • 2 exterior bottle or sippy cup pockets with magnetic
  • 2 interior pockets
  • 1 interior zipper pocket
  • Adjustable straps
  • Leather hook
  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 6
Price: $135.00 $55.00

Brown w/ coral interior

This large stylish tote is perfect for long days, weekend getaways, and baby sleepovers - plenty of room for all baby's necessities and toys. Great addition to your pout collection.

  • Sleek, chic, quilted nylon exterior (plush and soft)
  • Easy wipe interior and exterior
  • Zipper closure
  • 4 interior pockets (2 bottle or sippy cup pockets, 2 large pockets)
  • 1 large interior zipper pocket
  • The Carrie Tote is great bag for twins and two kids
  • Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 6
Price: $190.00 $59.00


Keep your diapers and wipes organized in this stylish diaper clutch.
Organize the inside of your diaper bag or carry it alone!
  • Durable waterproof nylon (interior and exterior)
  • Velcro closure
  • Hold 2-3 diapers and wipe case
  • Wrist-let strap
  • Black nylon waterproof quilted circle exterior
  • Hot pink nylon waterproof interior (light blue available)
  • Dimensions 7 ½ x 10 ½
Free shipping!
Price: $35.00 $20.00

The Perfect Travel Bag for a New Mom - Ju Ju Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag

Packing is always tricky, especially if you are a new mom, the key is picking the right bag. Choose a bag with well planned organization such as a Diaper bag like the Ju Ju Be "Be Prepared".  A well designed Diaper Bag has a place for everything you could need and keeps everything compact.  (Hint: pack a few diapers and wipes- what you might need for the trip plus a day, buy the rest at destination). Toss in wristlet, like a Ju Ju Be Be Quick to take out with you for short trips at destination and you are set. You now have a nursery in a bag, perfect for travel.

Monday, April 26, 2010 Mothers Day gift for facebook fans has offered it's facebook fans an early gift for Mother's Day. 10.00, 20.00 or 25.00 US dollar gift certificate to be used at any time on any new order. Details available on the Mamasandmunchkins facebook fan page. One gift certificate per person. To be eligible you MUST be a listed facebook fan, anyone not eligible will be refunded immediately and the order will not be filled.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Top 20 Diaper Bag Designers for Mom AND Dad

We had a blast doing the research for today's blog post. Stay tuned for the top high-end luxury diaper bags later this week. In alphabetical order:

Amy Michelle
Amy Michelle Diaper bags was born over dinner one night. Amy (a product marketing pro) and Michelle (a working Mom) were just talking about balancing family, friends, career, and staying sane through it all. The conversation shifted to baby bags as they either looked good or had good functionality. After scribbling on a cocktail napkin....Amy Michelle diaper bags came to life. Our bags are stylish yet practical...and are perfect for the Mom on the go. Price range $55.00-$135.00

Baby Kaed
Baby Kaed designer diaper bags that are practical, chic and stylish. Baby Kaed baby diaper bags come with everything any parent would need, from pacifier purse to wipes case a dirty duds pouch and of course a cosmetics pouch for mom, changing mat, lots of pockets and a safe place to store your mobile phone. The Baby Kaed diaper bag line consists of messenger baby diaper bags, tote baby diaper bags, leather diaper bags, backpack diaper bags, and daddy diaper bags. Multi-functional diaper bags that are practical, chic and stylish. Diaper bags that come with everything any parent would need, from pacifier purse to wipes case a dirty duds pouch and of course a cosmetics pouch for mom, changing mat, lots of pockets and a safe place to store your mobile phone. Price range $90.00-$400.00

Baby Mel
Designers of beautiful and modern parent bags as well as children's products, Babymel changing bags combine original prints and durable fabrics with great features such as wipe clean linings, insulated bottle pockets and changing mats. Since Spring of 09, all of babymel's bags feature the patent pending Strollerstrap- a brand new invention to allow you to switch between stroller and shoulder. Price range $30.00-$98.00

Bumble Bags
For the past five years, Bumble Bags has been offering originally designed diaper bags to its ever-growing fan base of celebrity and main-street moms. All Bumble Bags are created using our exclusive "one of a kind" hand designed prints combined with our own proprietary water and stain resistant fabrics that not only make our products lightweight, but durable and ready to endure motherhood's greatest challenges. Price range $24.00-$300.00

Dad Gear
Finally, great-looking, functional diaper bags just for dad! At DadGear™, we’re proud to offer an extensive line of dad diaper bags and men’s diaper vests – all stylish dad gear that’s designed by dads, for dads. You’ll find the DadGear™ name to be synonymous with superior quality, durability, and handy features like “hands-free” styling and our Quick Access Wipes Case. Whether for yourself or as a gift for dad, we offer plenty of styles and designs, including our popular Diaper Vest™, messenger bags, backpacks, and more! Price range $59.00-$98.00

Diaper Dude

Fleurville is a company focused on creating compelling solutions for modern parents. Fleurville has recently been acquired by JJ COLE COLLECTIONS who will continue to design and create stylish products. Our products include the MotherShip (R), Sling Tote, Lexie Tote, Lunch Pak and Kid's Messenger. We use environmentally-friendly fabrics and technologies like Green-LAM and ReRun that are PVC-free and lead-free. Our bags are favorites of celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Ben Affleck, Oprah Winfrey, Jon Stewart and other smart moms and dads. Price point $28.00-$165.00

The Gittabags diaper bags, intended for parents and babies, are characterized by a trendy look combined with maximal functionality.
This is not just another ordinary baby bag; it is a bag that accompanies the parent during the entire day, to work and any other activity, with or without the child.
The stroller bags can be buckled onto all types of strollers at a high and convenient position.
The bags are highly resistant and can be machine washed. All bags have thermal pockets and accessorized with a changing pad, a laundry net and other baby accessories. Price range $99.00-$179.00


For 30 years Hoohobbers has maintained a few core values that have led us as we run a company and raise our families as well. This blog is dedicated to value-driven discussion and ideas. Amongst our core values are high quality, excellent customer service and sophisticated, traditional design with a modern slant. $75.00

Kalencom diaper bags are sophisticated baby bags that provide the modern mom all the practical needs of a nappy bag but also the style that befits a modern diaper bag. Kalencom excels at creating diaper bags that are rich variety of colors and designs that have set them apart from any other designer diaper bag line. Kalencom launched this entire new line of over 270 diaper bags this Spring which fits the needs of a wide variety of moms. Price range $20.00-$260 (for the Amy Butler prints).

JJ Cole
JJ Cole is the creative force behind popular products such as Bundle Me car seat cover! With a product line ranging from trendy diaper bags to car seat and stroller accessories, you are bound to find something for you and your little angel! Safety and the well-being of your baby is JJ Cole's main focus. Each of JJ Cole's products continually goes through rigorous third-party testing to ensure that they are meeting the highest standards in the industry, as well as conducting additional applicable US "voluntary" safety regulations. That, combined with stylish, practical and fun products, makes JJ Cole a name you can trust! Price range $30.00-$90.00

Ju Ju Be
While some lines promote their own unique blend of fashion and design, Ju-Ju-Be takes it a step beyond and incorporates the latest technology to create an entire range of diaper bags that are style savvy and cutting edge. What's so great about Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags? For starters they look great from the outside. But lift the flaps and pockets and discover a whole new world of diaper bag advancement. Interior linings are not only waterproof but are treated with AgION™ anti-microbial treatment to zap the germs. Light colored linings and mesh pockets make locating items a breeze – so much easier than rooting through a dark bag. Bottle pockets are lined with Thinsulate to keep items warm or cool and exterior fabrics are waterproof AND treated with Teflon for durability. Most diaper bags have the standard removable changing pad but Ju-Ju-Be makes theirs using anti-microbial fabrics and soft touch memory foam to evenly support your baby and eliminate pressure points. What else? How about clever Mommy pockets where you can stash keys and cell phones, sunglass pockets that actually clean your lenses and the most adorable transparent pockets to display pictures of your baby?  Ju Ju Be has just announced their eco-friendly Legacy Collection with Earth Leather. Price range $15.00-$200.00

Mia Bossi
This sophisticated line is taking diaper bags where "function meets fabulous" and allowing urban mommies to keep their savvy style without losing any practicality. Debuting in August 2005, Mia Bossi specializes in combining fashion with motherhood, creating the ultimate "Hot Mama." Mia Bossi couture diaper bags lend the perfect amount of sophistication and style to complement the ultimate adorable accessory...your baby.  A celebrity favorite $200.00-$1200.00

Fashion, form and function are the basic formula for any good bag, but what sets Nest Diaper Bags apart is the understanding that although priorities and needs do change when women become mothers - looking fantastic is just as important as it ever was. Trendy but tasteful design, sumptuous leathers, sophisticated patents and non-leather options are combined with structural detailing, roomy interiors, plenty of pockets and convertible stroller attachments to keep moms chic and organized. Poring over the latest in fashion magazines, blogs, current runway trends and an awareness of street style is a hobby and passion turned into a dream job for the three founding partners of Nest Diaper Bags. Another celebrity favorite. Price range $220.00-$385.00

Oi Oi Baby Bags
OiOi Sophisticated Baby bags are the brainchild of Lisa Bennetts. More than 10 years ago she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Isabella, who gave her the inspiration to create a label that empowered mothers to have the confidence to look amazing and feel equally as good! With a wealth of experience in fashion and accessories product development, working with companies such as Swarovksi Crystal, Europe and Oroton Australia, the birth of Lisa's daughter sparked the idea for a stylish yet functional baby bag - The OiOi Messenger bag was born! OiOi Baby bags are stylish, innovative and practical bags known for their superb quality and reliability. The bags are loved for their spectacular designs, vibrant fabrics, and functional styles that have no comparison. Sprouting from a single bag in 1997, the collection now resembles a lively, bustling family with over 40 styles available. Price range $99.00-$280.00

Petunia Pickle Bottom
Born out of a desire to bring style and sophistication to the world of modern parenting, Petunia Pickle Bottom was founded in 2000 by a trio of people who pay homage to the chic mommy who makes a statement without saying a word. Plucking the name from childhood (the head designer's father coined the phrase when she was a little one) Petunia Pickle Bottom has become more than a silly sentimental name, it has become the brand to have. In fact, from its very conception, the Petunia Pickle Bottom line has shown a fearless sense of style distinguishing itself from the once dreaded diaper bag. And what started with an innovative diaper bag has now blossomed into new product categories like Fawn by Petunia—a posh and plush infant bedding line, and Cake by Petunia—a fusion of inspired form and intuitive function that anticipates the mobile mother’s every need. Combining rich European cut velvets and wool tweeds to create sumptuous bags that are at once both modern and forever timeless. By utilizing eye-popping, sophisticated fabrics, and working with only the very best people in the industry, Petunia Pickle Bottom certainly shows no restraint from style. Price range $88.00-$280.00

Reese Li Baby
Reese Li diaper bags add a spice of life to the everything grind for moms. Reese Li has perfected the art of diaper bag designs. These baby bags are just the right size and with stunning designs and patterns. These baby changing bags look so good they can be mistaken for designer handbags. The interior pockets fit everything nicely and are well placed. You get chic looks with pragmmatic designs all at a bargain price! Price range $40.00-$150.00

Skip Hop
Skip Hop was founded in 2003 with the desire to provide products that resonate with the urban lifestyle of new parents. Truly understanding a new generation of urban moms and dads, Skip Hop creates bedding and diaper bags that are smarter, more innovative and safer with an appeal not only to your heart, but to your modern sense of design. Skip Hop designed the world's first diaper bag that converts into a stroller bag and has continued creating new parenting products that are original and transformational. Skip Hop is extremely economical, offering significant VALUE. Price Point $55.00-$99.00

Storksak diaper bags are another popular designer diaper bags for top celebrities. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Rachel Ray, Elisabeth Hasselback, and Tori Spelling have been seen everywhere carrying these "Must Have" Diaper Bags by Storksak. Storksak has been featured on the Rachel Ray Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and The View. Elegantly designed with a modern mom's tastes in mind, Storksak Baby Bags are practical with multiple inside pockets for your accessories, insulated pockets for your bottles, and a stain resistant changing pad. The Storksak diaper bag collection offers the latest in sleek style choices with multiple features. Designing contemporary fashionable and functional fabric and leather baby bags. Price range $150.00-$450.00

Timi and Leslie
TIMI & LESLIE, INC. was originally founded in the spring of 2000. A Los Angeles based company, Timi and Leslie met through their comic ties to the legendary Los Angeles Groundling's Theatre. Leslie's designs are known for their bold, original and vintage looks that are both whimsical and sophisticated and come in a variety of practical silhouettes. She designs two to three collections a year producing "scrumptious" bags that set the scene for future trends. Price range $150.00-$400.00

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rugged Diaper Bags for the Manly Man

Scout Rubicon Rucksack - Black Buffalo Leather by Petunia Pickle Bottom
The Rubicon Rucksack in black leather offers Dad a macho alternative to the traditional diaper bag. This baby bag ensures he’s equipped with all the necessities no matter his destination; from changing pad to magazine pocket, he’ll always be prepared.
  • The leather Rubicon Rucksack comes with two interchangeable interior linings. They "snap out" and convert from a diaper bag to a laptop bag.
  • Diaper Bag Lining Insert: 2 pockets for easy "reach and grab", 1 large magnetic snap pocket and 2 bottle pockets.
  • Padded Laptop Lining Insert: 1 Laptop pocket and 2 easy "reach and grab" pockets.
  • 2 exterior bottle pockets that "snap off" to create a laptop bag
  • 2 large exterior pockets; 1 wide flat back magazine pocket and 1 front pocket with magnetic snap and leather cell phone pocket
  • Convenient water resistant changing pad with "snap-in" compartment for storage
  • Custom Low Profile Handle situated on the back top of bag is a hidden flat folded pocket handle designed for ease of lifting the bag with one hand
  • Custom Scout monogrammed plastic wipes case in coordinating color
  • Leather Valet stroller clips with storage bag
  • Adjustable shoulder strap adjusts from 41"-52"
  • Custom antique brass hardware with debossed logos
  • Dimensions : 14"L x 16" W x 14"H x 5.5"D
  • How to clean: Leather needs to be professionally cleaned.
  • Reviewed as best Daddy diaper bag by
The Petunia Pickle Bottom line of diaper bags, baby gear, linens and layette is distinguished by its fearless sense of style, innovation in design and distinctly fashionable look making each and every one of their luxurious products true must-haves for parents. It is no wonder why Petunia Pickle Bottom is one of the most sought after brand of diaper bags on the market today! From the Original Collection to Scout and Cake, each meticulously designed baby bag is beautiful enough to be considered a collectable yet perfectly functional and practical for everyday use.
SIZE: 14 x 16 x 5 inches.
MSRP: 271.00 USD

Mia Bossi Rex (Available in Desert, Night and Trooper) MSRP 310.00 On sale $225.00

Let's hear it for the boys! Our bag for men made with a striped canvas, trimmed with Italian leather, and finished with brass hardware.
Dimensions: 15.5" (h) x 3" (w) x 13" (l)
  • Machine washable faux fur changing pad
  • Zip-in and zip-out inside lining (additional insert for computer or briefcase available)
  • Cell phone holder
  • Two exterior bottle holders
  • Two interior bottle holders
  • One private zippered pocket
  • Keychain holder
  • Diaper holder
  • Baby wipe holder
  • Private zippered pocket for personal belongings

  Ju Ju Be Messenger MSRP: 120.00 USD Convenient—yet masculine—features of Dad’s Ju-Ju-Be Messenger diaper bag include a separate pouch for diapers or a change of clothes that snaps into place with magnets; panel with key clip, pen holders, cell phone pocket; and pocket with sunglasses case that works to clean your lenses so you don’t have to! Waterproof nylon linings and removable diaper changing pad are treated for anti-microbial protection and outside pocket for bottles is insulated to keep bottles warm or cool. The adjustable handle has a memory foam shoulder pad with a grippy textile underneath and the magnetic closure makes it easy to close the bag without fumbling.

Ju-Ju-Be provides today's parents with the best of technology, style and attitude. This functional collection of diaper bags is intelligent while still fashionable and fun! Every Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag features a brightly-colored satin waterproof lining with a special antimicrobial treatment to kill germs, mildew, fungus and bacteria. Other smart features include a comfy memory foam changing pad, Teflon® fabric protector to keep stains at bay, insulated bottle pockets, quiet and easy magnet closures, a "daddy pocket" with easy access and tons of great organization, and special "crumb drains" at the bottom of the bag pockets so crumbs stay out of your bag and out of your way. The convenience of a Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag just can’t be beat!

Add-ons are available to suit your particular needs. Bag is available in Black/Silver or Khaki/Mandarin.



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oi Oi Hobo Style Diaper Bag - Tried and True

OiOi Diaper Bags has become the most popular baby bag designer in Australia because of their expert craftsmanship, functionality, and gorgeous designs. Celebrities in Australia, the UK and in the United States can't help but find OiOi Diaper Bags "a godsend" because the designs enhance the functionality engineered by International Designer and Mommy Lisa Bennetts. In business since 1999, Lisa has one focus in mind, to design great looking bags that can organize and carry everything both baby and busy Mommy need while giving Mom the confidence to take care of business.
In the shop, I've carried Oi Oi Baby Bags for several years, I highly recommend it to customers because it is functional, durable, stuffable and best it's convertible. I know many a mom who has used this later as a bag for travel or crafting. I've had customers who've even washed the bags on gentle cycle and tell me it dries quickly and looks brand new (please don't try this with the leather versions!).
The hobo style is the trendy slouch purse look so popular right now with women in Australia and the UK as well as in the United States. The simple sophistication of OiOiDiaper Bags can take mothers all through the day and into the night without worrying about grabbing another purse so that they don't look like harassed Mommy with bag lady syndrome. I personally love the Chocolate Lambs Leather hobo and the Black Leather Hobo is stunning with its contrast double stitching, nickel buckle and hardware, and the vibrant zebra stripe black and white lining and accessories. OR, you can show off your wild side with the Black and White Giraffe Hobo which has a tame buttercup lining, a
The Hobo is a superior design that packs all the essentials and luxuries that Baby and Mommy need on a day to day basis inside 15"L x 13.5"H x 6"D. Busy Mommy can even carry her laptop. The OiOiDiaper Bags Hobo features deep front and back pockets. The two front pockets are open for easy access to cell phones, keys, and bottles and the back pocket is flat with a magnetic closure.

Inside, the OiOi Diaper Bags Hobo features one main internal compartment with 3 elasticized pockets and of course the folded changing pad and the 2 hour insulated bottle holder, zip top wet purse and OiOiDiaper Bags hard wipes case. Features that make this luxuriously functional baby bag stand above the rest include the adjustable and wide all leather shoulder strap, fixed stroller straps, and protective metal feet on the bottom.

The official statistics: 
The Oi Oi Hobo style diaper bag comes with a large padded microfiber changing pad and hard wipes case for your baby's and your convenience. A PVC zip top wet/mess bag streamlines the process. An insulated bottle holder keeps a 330mm bottle at the right temperature for up to two hours. Metal feet keep your bag protected when you set it down, and a key fob holder helps you keep track of your keys or the baby's pacifier. Now you can enjoy an adventure in town knowing you'll be stylish and organized. The hobo measures 15" x 6" x 13.5 inches.
To learn more about Lisa Bennetts and Oi Oi Baby Bags please visit their facebook fan page you can find the latest bags and peruse all of the amazing media coverage Oi Oi has amassed. OR visit their Australian website. has several Oi Oi Hobo's on sale (limited edition styles that have sold out in the Oi Oi warehouse).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eco-conscious, Inexpensive Tote for Beach, diapers, travel, or shopping

I've recently discovered Mixed Bag Designs, I received my order yesterday and the bags are everything I had hoped and more! Today I started to play around with the Hold Everything Tote and the Tote-ally cool zip top bag. Holy Smokes can you fit a lot. I decided to pack the zip top bag (which is the same size essentially as the Lexie Barnes smaller redondo tote if anyone remembers those) with what I would take to the beach.

I packed up a Built NY Six Pack Tote with beer, water, soda and a baby bottle (just to see how well it fit), a Built NY Gourmet Getaway with lunch, a Built NY Fugu Lunch tote with sunscreen and first aid kit (you never know!), my JuJuBe BeMajor with my wallet essentials, two minime wetbags with a change of clothes - perfect for wet clothes later, a Ju Ju Be Be Quick with snacks and a couple of beach towels. I zipped up the tote and it all fit perfectly!

This bag would be perfect for travel, perfect for a along weekend, as an inexpensive diaper bag, for camp, the uses go on and on!
I then put it next to the Hold Everything tote. I could fit the entire zip tote in there on top of a large blanket and more towels. It would also be great for toy storage or for a yarn/fabric stash if you are a crafter. It's enormous. It should even be perfect to pack for a long road trip!

I'm very impressed, particularly for the price point. Now these aren't going to last forever but the straps are double sewn so they are very secure and the bag looks sturdy. The zipper is the only question I have as far as how long it would last.

Let us know what you think and we will randomly draw from the comments to give away the bag of your choice from

For one point let us know what you'd use one of the bags for.
For additional points post this on your facebook page, blog about it or tweet about it and come back here and let us know.
Additional points if you are a new (as of after this post) fan to our facebook page or a new follower to this blog and let us know.
Make a purchase from and get an extra 5 points.

Have fun!