Sunday, December 30, 2007

Belen Echandia "Take Me Away"

So, you are going on vacation - check. Got the baby and your favorite diaper bag - check. Fab carry-on travel bag that will help you feel a classy and stylish, regardless of the spit up on your nursing top - check!

# Long Shoulder strap

# Various inside compartments

# Mobile pocket

# PDA pocket

# Fuchsia silk lining

# Detachable B.E logo

# Size: W 49 cm, H 32 cm (without strap)

If you have searched high and low for a weekend bag which is practical - with inner compartments to help you organize - yet be chic and stylish, you will love the new weekender by Belen Echandia. All of their bags are amazing, if you haven't seen them yet you really need to take a look at what you are missing... All of their bags are limited edition made in very small batches and very hard to find in the US.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fleurville Sling Tote - Wear it 3 Different Ways!

This is a very handy and versatile diaper bag for most any mother. It's got a great shape and ergonomic handles in a variety of positions.

* Versatile uses, including handles and stroller storage.
* Multiple colors and patterns.
* Handy pockets for various items.
* Complete with wipes container and changing pad.


* The fact that you can use it with double handles or as a messenger bag is great.
* The felt lined pockets for sunglasses and other items that need gentle handling is nice.
* It comes with several other pockets for stuffing items in separate compartments.
* The bag has its own wipes case that is see through so you know if you need to restock wipes.
* The key clip is super important so you're not digging for your keys all the time.
* The changing pad is not teethered and is very compact for easy travel and great clean up.
* You can attach this diaper bag to your stroller for use as a stroller bag, attachments included.
* The outer fabric is covered in vinyl for easy clean up.

The Sling Tote comes with three ways to carry it. You've got the built in, but easy to stow away, handles like a purse. This is great for slipping it off one shoulder to quickly grab something. It also has a detachable messenger bag handle. I like that the handle is ergonomic. There is also the ability to attach it to a stroller as a stroller bag, attachments included.

There are a ton of pockets for the fans of stuffing baby items. It's nice to be able to sort everything. I particularly like that they kept mom and dad in mind too, something not every diaper bag does. There is a carabiner clip for keys, so they don't fall to the bottom. I also like the felt lined pockets for cell phones, my iPod and sunglasses. This would also be nice for baby pictures. There is even an insulated, but attached, place to put baby bottles or a drink for you.

The wipes container is orange but see through. It's great for making sure you have wipes with you at all times. There is also a very thin changing pad. I loved the ease of use and cleaning ability.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Over the Moon for Maya Moon Designs Diaper Bags

I got my first Maya Moon bag a month ago and I'm hooked! I was visiting the IT bag and "everyone" was just raving so I had to check it out and purchased a Maya Moon Schlepp. The leather reminded me of pools of chocolate and was just so comfy and amazing. Then I saw a Maya Moon deluxe bucket bag with charcoal croc, gunmetal trim and white calf hair. Here's a picture of it. OMG! The calf hair goes all the way down the front to the bottom of the pockets on the front and the back and there are a ton of pockets on the inside made from beautiful fabric. I can't decide what to try next, but it will be fun trying to figure it out!

Maya Moon handbags are personally handcrafted with the most delicious and beautiful leather and textiles she can find. With a focus on durability and uniqueness, coupled with a passion for funky and adventurous fashion, Maya Moon bags are intended to reflect your personal fashion statement for years forward. Maya also gets it that function is essential in a bag. Function isn't JUST for diaper bags. Sturdy inside and outside pockets, high quality zippers and notions, and pattern design are all chosen for the marriage of functionality and flair.

Maya will custom design a bag for you! Where else can you get a custom made heirloom quality bag for $250-500.00? If you call she'll consult with you on the phone and send you swatches so you end up with a perfect bag that is all you! Diaper bag, non diaper bag, no one can tell which is which I guarantee.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ju Ju Be Diaper Bags new Ju-Ju-Tee's arriving tomorrow!!

By popular demand Ju-Ju-Be has come out with their Ju-Ju-Tees just in time for Christimas!

Available at select retailers December 18, 2008!
Hmmm... I wonder if "tween" is a teaser for a new bag coming out soon???

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not Rational VIP Online Sale Going On Now...


I am pleased to announce the HOLIDAY VIP ONLINE Sample Sale. Not Rational makes great bags that are multi-purpose, they make great diaper bags and great everyday (or special occasion bags) depending on what you need.

For those of you who are new to this process, this is how it works:

Once you see the bag you want, please email Not Rational with your choice (or
by phone 310.855.1021 x 111)

Email addresses are: or

If your choice of bag is still available, you will be emailed a credit
card to fill out.

I am also attaching the form on this email.

The fastest you email back or fax that form back,
the fastest you can secure and purchase the bag you want.!

There is only 1 or 2 pieces per style and color available.

If you have trouble viewing the credit card form (as many of you did
in the past), the following is the info needed:

1) name on the card,
2) card number and type (visa, MC or amex),
3) exp date,
4) security code,
5) billing address,
6) shipping address,
7) cell phone or daytime phone number.
New fax number is 310 861 5376

Note: some prices went up due to the high cost of materials and
metals used in the manufacturing process.

here is the link:

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

VB Microfiber backpack review and comparison

by Rachel Silverman

My first thought -- this is WAY smaller than I thought it was going
to be! Although the website says it measures 11½" x 14½" x 5½" which
is suppposed to be about the size as the Lexie Barnes Duchess which
measures 15" x 11" x 4.5," side by side, the Duchess not only looks
a lot larger, the Duchess opens up *very* wide and can be stuffed,
while the VB has a much, much smaller opening and suprisingly, a
smaller capacity. The Duchess has a wide top and mouth, and the VB
backpack tapers and gets narrow at the top, and has a much narrower

I packed them both up, and the Duchess does hold a lot more -- in
addition to all of the things I put in the VB backpack, the Duchess
fit a small cooler, my pashmina, DD's sweater, and a coloring book
with markers. The Duchess has one larger front pocket that expands
and therefore can fit larger items, while the VB two small, front
pockets hold slim, small items and the pockets cannot be stuffed.

The front slip pocket of the VB also can't be stuffed without the
magnetic closure popping open, and thick items really bulge. There's
really no good place to put my "valuables" in the VB backpck b/c the
two small outside pockets are too small for my wallet, and I don't
want to put my wallet in the slip pocket that only has a magnetic
closure. Finally, the side mesh pockets of the Duchess are more
generous, although both fit my Playtex straw sippy.

In a nutshell, I can bring the Duchess for an all day trip, while I
would use the VB travel backpack for a shorter outing, and it really
*just* fits the necessities I usually bring around with me, nothing
more. To compare to some popular bags on the Board, the VB backpack
also holds much less than my Storksak Emily and the Oi Oi Hobo.

Ok, with that said ... I love the styling of the bag, and the straps
are much softer than I expected, which was a concern of mine.
They're not as comfy as the padded Duchess straps, but the Duchess
straps do give a bulky feeling to the bag. The VB backpack is
comfortable to wear and I don't feel like I'm weighed down by a
backpack b/c it's very streamlined. As a small backpack/hands-free
option, this bag is a perfect mix of low maintenance, comfort, and
style. I think it would make a great Disney bag, a personal bag to
take while traveling (not as a carry on), and for an everyday hands-
free bag, just not for an all day outing -- at least for how I pack.

I am going to play with it some more and decide if I will be taking
it as my personal travel bag for my upcoming trip, or if I want to
bring a small messenger style bag instead.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Well, I thought this was an interesting looking diaper bag by Amy Kathryn


* Marigold Leopard!
* Custom ultrasuede that is hand-washable
* Satin lining
* Inside zipper pocket & 2 open pockets
* Top zipper closure
* Removable Shoulder strap and short handles to wear the Marigold 2 different ways
* Snap closure outside middle pocket
* 4 outside open pockets
* 4 Bottom feet
* 16"w x 15"h x 6"d

I'm not sure what I make of it? Any comments?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fleurville 2nd Annual "Seconds" Sale

Holiday hugs to all of you from all of us!!!
We know the holiday season can be stressful, but …wishes can become true. You have all been asking for IT….and yes…here IT comes….
Our 2nd annual holiday Seconds sale!!!
Fleurville, seller of essential designs for modern parenting, is doing another major house cleaning before year’s end. Our goal is to sell all of our second quality inventory (bags rejected due to minor flaws) before 2008!
All sales are final. No returns, refunds or exchanges.
Here is the schedule:
3 Days Phone in 12/11 – 12/13 (10am – 3pm Pacific Standard Time) ONLY!
1 Day Walk in 12/13 (10am – 3pm Pacific Standard Time) ONLY!
Please remember we are in California so there is a 3 hour time difference if you are calling from the East Coast.
We have a good amount of seconds inventory (usually 20 bags or more) of the following SKU’s:
MotherShip Seconds @ $49.00!!! (Normally $150 retail)
Colors: Blue Chocolate, Houndstooth, Pink Chocolate and Yellow SeedPod.
*Very few: Black Cord, Floral Sky, Indigo, Pink Bingo, Pink Stripe Red Canvas, Mixed Ogo
Sling Tote Seconds @ $59.00!!!! (Normally $150 retail)
Colors: Pink Chocolate, Blue Chocolate and Blossom RedCrane
*Very few: Mixed Ogo, Leopard, Silver Ballistic, Chocolate Ogo and Pink Stripe
Suzy Pack Seconds @ $35.00!!! (Normally $130 retail)
Colors: Blue, Pink and Pink Ogo
Mini MotherShip Seconds: @ $35.00 ( Normally $130 retail)
Colors: Mixed Pink Bingo, Denim, Leopard
Mini Tote Seconds: @ $35.00 (Normally $130.00 retail)
Colors: Chocolate Ogo, Pink Stripe, Pink Bingo, Ogo
Escape Pod Seconds @ $18.00! (Normally $54.00 retail)
Colors: Pink Ogo, Pink chocolate and Leopard
*Very few Aquamarine Cord, Blue Chocolate, Floral Sky, Geo Orange
Lunch Packs Seconds @ $19.00 (Normally $34.00 retail)
Colors: Silver Pink, Silver Blue and Silver Orange
FOB Wrist Bag Seconds @ $8.00 (Normally $20.00 retail)
Colors: Blue Chocolate, Pink Chocolate, Denim Grommet, Leopard, yellow Seed Pod and White
Wristbag Seconds @ $3.00 (Normally $10.00 retail)
Colors: Geometric Orange, Houndstooth and Pink Stripe
Re-Run™ Stroller bag Seconds @ $19.00 (Normally $70.00 retail)
Colors: Grey, Olive, Pink, Red, Black and Chocolate
Beach Bag Seconds in Yellow Seed Pod only @ $35.00 (Normally $70.00 retail)
G-Luxe Seconds in Black only @ $69.00 (Normally $125 retail)
Luxe Bag Seconds in Pink only @ $99.00 (Normally $198 retail)
Lexie Tote Seconds in Botanical Azure only @ $99.00 (Normally $198 retail)
DJ Bag Seconds in Khaki only @ $59.00!!! (Normally $118 retail)
These are full functioning, complete bags with just cosmetic blemishes. These may include, but are not limited to: Slight discolorations, ink marks, minor nicks or fabric flaws. We cannot describe individual products. All sales are final. No returns, refunds or exchanges. US Domestic offer only. No international sales or shipping.
Please pass this email on to your friends who want to cash in on major discounts.
Warmest Regards and best wishes for the Holiday Season!!
The Fleurville Team!!

How to reach us

Toll Free:



Corporate Headquarters:
637 Lindaro Street, Suite 201
San Rafael, CA 94901

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Loving My Ju Ju Be Be Mine!!

by Karen Baker

I don't know where I've been for the past few months this has been on
the market, but I have seriously been missing out. I just now got
this today in the mail and I've had so much fun playing around with
it. I got it in purple paisley. If you are the type of person who
loves organization, or one that really isn't organized but wants to
be, this is perfect. I thrive on organization. I don't want to
carry a purse anymore b/c I have a 4 year old, 2 year old and
newborn. I generally just carry a diaper bag these days, however I
don't want to carry a diaper bag into the store if hubby is in the
car with the kids and I'm running in here or there for a few things.
This is just soooo ideal. It's really like a little purse, but
wristlet size and style, so I can throw it into my diaper bag w/o it
taking up a lot of room.

Here is what I can pack: miniature hand wipes and receipts on the
left side. On the
right side I can fit my license, multiple credit cards/gift
cards/insurance cards, etc., change and cash into the zippered
pocket, and my cell phone into the back pocket. May not sound like a
lot, but that is a TON of things - and it's everything I would carry
in a purse (I've rarel been able to fill up even the smallest of
handbags). It also has multiple ways of wearing it, wristlet style
or you can even attach the extra strap and wear it messenger style,
which I love b/c who doesn't want to be hands-free? Of course it
also comes with the little pen as well. I don't like digging around
for a pen and I hate using the pen they provide you with b/c who
knows who on earth used it before you that had some nasty cold
virus. This will be right there when I need it. Everything is
compacted in ONE place!!

I was showing my husband my old little fleurville wristlet compared
to this one and I couldn't believe the difference. This really was
an ingenious design on a wristlet. Kudos to the Ju-Ju-Be designers
for inventing a truly mom-essential item.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Save 20% off at

Fleurville has a Friends & Family Code, good from 12/5-12/14. The code is "FF2008" and will give you 20% off on the Fleurville site.

There are also huge reductions at the site:

Sling Tote @ $85.00
ST YS– Yellow Seedpod - Green-LAM™
Escape Pod @ $34.00
EP YS– Yellow Seedpod - Green-LAM™
G-Luxe @ $125.00
GL WH – White - PVC-free
G-Luxe @ $125.00
GL BL – Black - PVC-free

Mothership @ $97.50
MS HT – Houndstooth
Older Model
Non Green-LAM™

The Sling Tote is my favorite! The Sling Tote in Blossom Red Crane is pictured above.


This hip and fashionable bag is great for parents on the go. It can be carried 3 ways: over the shoulder as a tote, as a messenger bag, or attached to your stroller. It is 20% smaller than the MotherShip, but still roomy enough to carry everything you need. Since this bag looks like a nice handbag, you can use it long after your diapering days!

* Tri-mode bag!
* 2 fleece lined, 4 elastic topped pockets
* 1 zippered pocket for valuables
* Insulated bottle holder
* Changing cloth
* See-through wipe case
* Removable, adjustable messenger strap
* Stowable tote handles
* Stroller attachments
* PVC-Free
* Teflon®-Free
* Green-LAMBlossom Redcrane, Blue Chocolate, Botanical Azure, Floral Sky, Gold Flower, Grey Seedpod, Pink Chocolate, Pink Ogo, Pink Stripe,
and Yellow Seedpod are Green-LAM™
* Sale: $85.00 - Yellow Seedpod only
No returns or refunds on sale items

H 13.5" x W 12" (bottom) - 16" (top) x D 5"

Friday, December 7, 2007

Rebecca Denny Going Out of Business Sale

Due to unfortunate personal circumstances, Rebecca Denny will be going out of business. The diaper bag community will miss her contribution and beautiful bags. Below is the message she posted on the Babybags Yahoo board:

"My dad went to be with the Lord on November 20th 2007.

My husband and I will have to move in with my mom to take care of her
so I'm sorry to say I will have to close down my business.

I have drastically reduced the prices of my remaining inventory on our
retail web site located at

I wanted to share this news with you first before a formal anouncement
is made on our wholesale site.

Any orders placed will be shipped free priortiy immediately.

Warmest Regards,
Rebecca Denny"

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Rebecca, good luck in your future endeavors.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Alexandra Bee -- who ever said that fashion has to go out the window when you become a mom?

Now, THIS is arm candy! Not a soul would ever look at this bag and guess it's a diaper bag.

Finally a bag that really doesn’t look like a changing bag. You will carry this before and after you have a baby!

There are two sizes to choose from, nine designer fabrics and one version made entirely with soft Italian calfskin leather.
For the woman who values originality, Alexandra Bee has even introduced a limited edition range of their bestselling bag - the Sophia.

This trendy oversized bag features numerous hidden compartments that will carry all of a fashionista’s essentials. The Sophia is a fantastic travelling companion, or simply for the most stylish and organized woman.

Features include:

Fully lined, water-resistant interior

2 large interior pockets

1 large interior pocket large enough to hold laptop or oversize diary (large Sophia only)

Large zippered pocket to keep personal items safe

2 more interior pockets for miscellaneous items

3 leather easy-access pen pockets

Interior keychain holder

2 large exterior side pockets

The bags are practical with lots of pockets and hidden compartments, made with premium Italian leathers and the choicest fabrics, each carefully handcrafted by skilled Italian artisans. Bags are available at and they ship free across the globe!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Skip Hop Duo -- Check it out...

by Viki Ortega

So....after resisting the Skip*Hop bags for so long, I finally broke down and bought a camo Duo. I had heard such great things about these bags but wasn't very excited about the feel of the fabric that they are made out of or of the really loud velcro (don't they know what that does to a sleeping baby???). But, I figured that since it was camo, I could deal with the feel and the noise! As soon as I bought the Duo, Skip*Hop came out with the Duo Deluxe Edition and I knew that I had to have one because SH was touting new Shuttle Clips and all magnetic closures. I guess the designers experienced a velcro-sleeping baby episode! Well, here I am, with 2 SH Duo camo bags, too much time on my hands and a review to write to help out my fellow moms!

At first glance, you would never notice the subtle differences. The stroller clips are the most significant change. SH has come up with a clasp that serves a dual purpose. The old stroller straps on the Skip*Hop bags allowed you to either hook the bag to the stroller, or clip the messenger strap on to carry the bag, but not both. So if you wanted to hang your bag from the stroller, you could, you would just have to take the messenger strap completely off and store it somewhere (or lose it) and then when you were ready to carry your bag, you would unhook the stroller clips and then attach the messenger strap. The new Shuttle Clips have a small clip on one side for the stroller strap AND a larger one on the other side for the messenger strap. The new bag also comes with a removable strap pad, which makes carrying the bag extra comfortable.

The other great improvement was the addition of magnets to all of the closures. The main compartment has a large magnet holding it closed and the 2 front pockets each have a smaller magnetic closure. The only velcro on the bag is on the side cell phone pocket. This pocket is also a bit taller than the old pocket and is sewn with hidden seams where the old had the seams on the outside, making the cell phone pocket very boxy. The mesh bottle pocket on the opposite side of the bag has not changed at all.

One thing that Skip*Hop doesn't mention on their website is that they have changed the inside color of the bags. At least they did on the one that I received. Instead of having a black interior, the inside of the new bag is an olive color. This is great when you are trying to look for something and you don't have to encounter the black hole! Another great thing about the inside of the bag is that the interior pockets are 9 inches deep. The old pockets were only 7 inches deep. I noticed this because the top strip (also camo colored) in the new bag was narrower, only 4 inches where the old was 6 inches wide. I thought this would effect the depth of the top zippered pockets but it didn't they are actually about 3/4 of an inch deeper and also lined with the light olive fabric.

A couple more very subtle changes are that the new grab strap is double thickness instead of the old single thickness. The changing pad also seems more substantial and has a cute velcro (there it is again) closure with the Skip*Hop label on it. What I did notice was that this bag is the exact same size as the original. Skip*Hop's website claims that this bag is 30% bigger. Glad that it is not though, since this bag is a great size!

All in all, I really didn't think that the old Duo could be improved all that much. The 2 things that deterred me from buying it in the first place have now been modified and improved, making the new Duo just about as perfect as a bag could get!!!

Hope that makes your day a little easier!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The new Lexie Barnes Site is Up and New Patterns Announced

Lexie Barnes just relaunched with all new prints and some great new products!

Introducing Utopia



Question and Answer with Lexie Barnes --

Q. What is happening with the Duchess?

A. the Duchess is being redesigned as a laptop bag. It will be available late spring/early summer (for back to school!). The current layout is only available on the 2007 bags we have in stock.

Q. What about some of the other bags?

A. Some will be back and others won't. We're working on summer/fall now. If anyone has requests or suggestions on what to keep or add, we'd love to hear them.

Q. Can you tell us more about the Jinx?

A. The Jinx can be worn as a sling, across the body. Or over the shoulder. It's an awesome bag. It was in our very first line-up, but we had to pull it when when switched to laminated canvas. Now that we're moving to the taffeta, which works really well on a reversible bag, we're bringing it back. This is the #1 choice of bag of all of my personal friends, family, and colleague. Everyone has one. :)

Q. What will the sippy pockets be like on the new line?

A. Superstar: the side pockets on the Superstar (and on the Darling) will be made of taffeta (same as bag). The bags shown in the lifestyle photos aren't 100% accurate, as the samples we used were prototypes. The images on the product pages are more accurate.

Q. Are there other changes we should know about?

A. None of the new bags have black accents. The Utopia has dark green trim and yellow interior. The Pacifica has chocolate brown trim and pink interior. The Diablo had red trim and red interior. All hardware is nickel, not black plastic.

Q. Will the bags continue to come with changing pads?

A. The 2007 bags all come with optional, complimentary changing mats. These are all black. The 2008 products will not come with a changing mat. But we will continue to offer the black ones as long as we have them in stock. On our site, they will be sold separately as accessories. They will not be offered in the new colorways, though. Only black.

Q. Will there still be stroller straps on the darling?

A. No, the decision to remove the stroller straps was made because of customer feedback. While everyone likes the clips, most people don't use them -- they sling the bag over the handles of the stroller (I do that, too!). To keep them also would have meant increasing the price of the Darling -- and we didn't want to do that! :)

Q. How long will these prints be available?

A. These are not "limited edition." Rather, they are the first three prints in our permanent collection. We won't be revamping the prints each time anymore. We plan to add new prints every year and keep offering all of them (so customers can continue to grow their collections and match to their hearts' content!).

Monday, December 3, 2007

Preview: The new Skip*Hop City Chic Diaper Bag

by Julie at Mommies With Style

The Indian Summer that has struck the east coast has definitely been to my advantage: extra opportunity to enjoy all new gear! I recently took the Skip*Hop City Chic, along with my boys and a mod stroller, to the zoo. A bit fancy for a zoo day, it got quite a few second glances. And although it was fancy, I loved that it that it brushed clean, something the canvas Skip*Hops of old wouldn't have done, they'd have collected the dirt and needed a thorough washing.
The exterior, available in trendy, funky patterns, is mostly a soft vinyl, not shiny and thick (more like the exterior fabric of the Lexie Barnes). And to make it a bit more luxurious, you'll love the leather... yes, real leather, on these Skip*Hops. A bit of detail is embellished in leather, as well as the base and tote straps--which are thin, round and stay on the shoulder surprisingly well.

The detachable wristlet, though a little big for me, was so handy for places (like our beloved reptile house) that aren't stroller-friendly. My huge wallet, my camera. lipstick and phone all fit, albeit snuggly, inside. It looks tres' chic attached to the bag, too. It clips off to be a wristlet or a shoulder bag and if you're in a hurry and don't want to reclip it to the bag (which doesn't take long at all, but it takes too long for a running toddler at a busy zoo) it fits nicely into the interior of the bag.

In addition to the fabulously organized interiors that Skip*Hop is loved for, they also kept the outside cup holders (3 cheers!!). These look nicer than the mesh bags of the canvas Skip*Hops, and they hold cups firmly. I fit my drink in an exterior pocket without a lot of spillage (gotta give a little credit to the suspension on my stroller) while chasing the kids at the Children's Zoo. What's so nice about these holders, versus the mesh, is that they're sturdier because of the vinyl--so the cups and bottles fit in and out with one hand, no need to open the area with hand number 2.

In addition to the Skip*Hops of before, the City Chic has feet! About a cm (maybe smaller?) off the ground. It stays upright and steady. Another standout is that this Skip*Hop has a zipper at the top. This is an upgraded Skip*Hop, they upgraded the zipper, rings and attachments to silver metal. Speaking of attachments, gone are the days of pinching fingers while attaching your Skip*Hop to a stroller handle. The City Chic has a thinner, yet still-sturdy piece and which is attached with a metal spring hook and ring.

I'm impressed. We're not talking absolute luxury, but a sharp look on a proven and beloved design. A definite upgrade. People know the Skip*Hop, they come back to it again and again for a reason. They like Skip*Hop bags convenience, organization and durability. And didn't let that go. Its all still there, just shilded. (From the exterior, I wouldn't even know it was a Skip-Hop, the label is so low-key I had to search to find it.)

You can find the City Chic at Skip*Hop's own webpage, as well as many favorite local and online boutiques.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I love my StorkSak Amelia

by Karen Baker

I just sold off my black StorkSak Gigi for an upgrade to the StorkSak
Amelia. It's basically the same bag except external features have a
leather snap flap, all black stitching and an extended strap you can
hook onto the silver rings if you want to hang it on your stroller.
That is one thing that bothered me about the Gigi is that I couldn't
hardly get the skinny straps hooked into my Kiwi kids G hooks. This
will allow me to just toss it over the stroller (I hate dealing with
hooks anyway). It also has straps identical to that of the StorkSak
Donna, wide straps for comfort. A nice change also is that there are
no snaps. That drove me crazy on my Gigi. I always wore it on the
shortest setting anyway. I loved the Gigi and was willing to
overlook it but it's a nice feature on this bag to not have the
snaps. They just came undone a lot more than I would have
preferred. All accessories including changing pad and bottle holder
are black as opposed to the standard tan color in other StorkSak

It's slightly different in the interior. The middle section (widest
area) is solid black on the inside (as opposed to the tan color on
the Gigi) but b/c of the shape of the bag it doesn't bother me - I
don't feel like I get the black hole effect on this one, it's very
classy. The two side areas really surprised me the most. It is this
gorgeous hot pink satin with the storksak logo on it. It matches my
hot pink Razr cell phone LOL. It's very much an upgrade from the
Gigi and that is what I was aiming for, something basically similar
but upgraded with features I wanted. I just LOVE it! If I could
change one thing about the Amelia though, it would not have the
leather flap in the front. I say that now b/c I would rather have a
zip compartment in the front to secure everything in. The snaps will
secure everything but I'm not sure yet if it will be an inconvenience
to have to snap the two snaps each time I close it. To me a better
design would have been either to not have the flap or to have a
zippered area under the flap for extra protection. We'll see how
much it bothers me.

Michelle from My Little Ducks was so nice to help me out with
everything and I'm very happy with my purchase. She also has a nice
holiday code going on right now for 20% off of holiday07.

Anyway, if you love black leather and nylon bags, you just can't go
wrong with a StorkSak. I've had over 40 bags in the last 2 years and
by far my favorite brand is StorkSak. They are awesome for top
quality and organization.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Sale on Fanci-Free bags at

Use Promotional Code 010 for 25% off new fall merchandise at

Satin nylon totes and convertible bags with tons of pockets!!

For a limited time only...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lexie Barnes Factory Sale Announcement

Factory Sale!

Come see us during the Winter Festival & Open Studio Event
at the Eastworks Building, Easthampton, MA
* STUDIO 245 *
Friday, November 30 - Noon-5pm
Saturday, December 1 - Noon-5pm
Sunday, December 2nd - Noon-4pm

All weekend long, you can enjoy savings on samples, seconds, and 2007 closeouts. And while you're here, see some of the shops, galleries and artists' studios that will be open to the public this weekend only.

This may be the last chance to pick up some of your favorite items!

We'll also have some rare items not available anywhere else (like hard to find Minis and changing mats in retired prints!) So come on by!

If you can't make it and you are looking for something special, give us a call. We'll be here!

See you there!

-The LB Crew

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What I love about my Lexie Barnes Duchess

by Viki Ortega

OK....I had a Packabe before I had the Duchess. I can fit a TON in the Packabe and the non-padded straps don't bother me. So, then I got the Duchess and I took everything out of the Packabe, and I was able to fit it into the Duchess, including the Snack Capsule. The only bad part was that the organization is not anywhere near that of the Packabe! And, the Duchess is not quite so boutique looking as the Packabe...but really compare JJB and LB as far as fabric and quality go! They are both fantastic bags....but just different.

Anyway, I originally ordered the Viona print because I thought it would go great with me orange Bob Revolution! I was right....but I hated the bag!!! I had to send it back and exchange it. I thought for sure I would still hate the Bali Hai that I was ordering. Emma had it and she swore that I would just love it when I got it. I was really really afraid that it would be too loud!!! So, it came in the mail and I packed it up and put it on and OMG...I just love the way it feels on. It forms to my back and stays on really close and tight if I want it to. I can put it on and run around (ha...isn't that a sight???) and it doesn't flop or wiggle around. I love the little pocket under the grab handle. It is big enough to fit my cell phone, lip gloss and a couple of other things. I love the mesh pockets on the outside. The front slip pockets are small but they fit my cell phone and a toy. I love the front pocket of the Duchess, I use this as a Mommy pocket. The main pocket only has a couple of small slip pockets but since I compartmentalize everything that I carry with me in either LB minis or Be is not a problem at all. I really didn't think that with all that I had in there I could fit the Snack Capsule but I did. So here is what I pack in it: Be Quick, BabySpareWear, 2 LB MicroMinis, HH Pilot, another LB mini for odds and ends, a JJB mess shuttle for my coupons, checkbook etc, phone, camera, baby's "cell" phone, cherrios container, sippy cup and sometimes the snack capsule!!! I ALWAYS grab this bag when I go to Disneyland unless I am trying to "road test" another bag.

So....I was getting tired of my Sporty Stripe Packabe and my friend had the Sienna Swirl, so we swapped. I was so excited to get it. I packed it up and have been using it for about a week (no Disneyland last week) and when I put it on.....I seriously feel like a turtle and feel like if I turn too fast, I will knock the people standing next to me!!! I love the Packabe hanging on the stroller. I love the Mommy pockets, I love the inside organization....BUT I hate how bulky it feels!!!

The technical information about the Duchess: The main compartment has room for everything you need, plus three small organizational pockets. Front compartment holds the stuff you want to get to fast (it's also nicely fitted for changing pad, wipes and diapers). Features include water-resistant fabric, padded, ergonomic shoulder straps; adjustable, quick-release stroller loops; two exterior, easy-access front pockets; two drawstring side mesh pockets; hidden key/phone pocket.

Dimensions: 15”h X 11”w X 4.5”d

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Momma's got a brand new bag! Mia Bossi Alisa

In the last year I have seen so many bags I have forgotten most of them, NOT Alisa however. I was at Mia Bossi picking up some bags a couple of weeks ago and I saw her. Alisa in Ruby. OMG. She is absolutely sensational! Alisa feels amazingly soft and supple, smells divine and looks just like a big gorgeous designer handbag rather than a diaper bag. (I won't be using it but) the changing pad is remarkably soft.

It's surprisingly spacious on the inside with pockets all the way around, yes all the way around. I put my sunglasses in one, water bottle in another, wallet in another, phone in another, purell and lipgloss in another, beQuick in another. And there was still tons of room left on the inside.

The straps are great, long enough to wear across the body if you are carrying your baby and flexible enough to go over/attach to stroller or just to wear on the shoulder, as I usually do. If you love quality, function and style this is the diaper bag for you...

Italian Hermes lamb leathers, chrome finish hardware with snake skin and leather accents

Features: machine washable animal print changing pad, zip-in and zip-out inside lining (additional insert for computer or briefcase available), cell phone holder, two exterior bottle holders, 1 interior bottle holder, two exterior pockets, keychain holder, diaper holder, baby wipe holder and a private zippered pocket for personal belongings. Straps are adjustable and detachable, making it a snap to strap around the stroller.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sales, sales, sales... Don't you just love this time of year???

It's Cyber Monday through ebates:

Zappos has 12% back today (instead of 6%)

Shoebuy has 18% back today (instead of 10%)

eBags has 12% back today (instead of 6%) and if you use Paypal to check out of eBags you get 20% back...

Endless has 12% back today (instead of 6%

In addition, check out: has great pricing on discontinued colors and styles as well as quality seconds use code: Holiday07 for additional 20% off sale merchandise use code: babybags for 15% off in addition to current sale pricing!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Questions to ask when shopping for the PERFECT Diaper Bag

How many kids are you packing for?
Are you Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding?
Are you using cloth or disposable diapers (cloth requires much more room and space for wetbags)?

How do you like to carry your bag?

*Messenger Style - across the body, with a foldover flap and small, button down pockets on each end.

*Tote (like a tote bag) and if so, what strap drop will be the most comfortable for you?

*Backpack style; dual straps reduce back strain and free up your arms to carry/or wear your baby.

*Stroller bags - commonly designed with long, looping carrying straps that can be hung over/or attached to a stroller.

*Convertible bags - these are for women who like to change it up once in a while, they sometimes want a backpack, sometimes want to attach to their stroller and sometimes want to carry like a messenger. The Ju Ju Be Packabe is an excellent example of this type of bag.

Are you looking for a solid color or do you prefer a print (soft or bold)?

What type of material do you prefer: Leather, canvas, laminate, nylon, oil cloth, suede, vinyl, cloth, microfiber? Is wipeability or the ability to wash crucial?
Is the type of closure important to you? Will velcro wake the baby, do you need a magnetic snap or a zipper so nothing falls out?

What type of any how many pockets do you need? Are exterior bottle/sippy pockets important, do you need a large "mommy pocket" or a light interior so you aren't loading up a black hole?

What is your price range? Are you looking for stylish, super stylish or "OMG I can't stop looking at my bag" drop dead stylish?

There are no right or wrong answers but they are important questions. Only you have the answers, if you need help matching up your answers with the perfect bag -- you are in the right place.

Most moms have several bags, each has a different function and each is as important. Don't forget a bag that your husband can use. Daddy bags are all the rage right now, BUT if your husband is caught with your gorgeous floral or your TDF leather mom bag no one will really suspect it's his so you might as well just buy what YOU like...

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Nikki Chris Special Delivery System -- Making Birth Day A Breeze

Been crazy with the holidays and this cold had me a little (OK, a lot) behind but I came across this great inexpensive option for a new single mom or any dollar conscious mom starting out and wanted to share, it's an unbelievable deal for the price! The Nikki Chris Newborn Starter Kit contains everything a mom needs to bring a baby into the home. Makes a great gift! It's a modular, mix and match collection with 38 essentials and comes in three color options.

According to the site the Nikki Chris Special Delivery System was borne from the 20-20 hindsight of a first time mom who was put on bed rest shortly before her delivery. Her dreams of how much easier her life would be if a magic stork delivered the many little necessities she thought she had, but realized at the last minute she didn't. You know, all the things you hold off buying because you don't know what you are going to get at a shower or as a new baby gift. Alas, however generous everyone always seems to be, there always seems to be "missing items". This is not true when these items comes your way.

This surely won't take you beyond a couple of weeks, particularly when out and about and start coordinating bags with your outfits, strollers and particular outings but what a great opportunity to get started and cover your bases!

$129 for the $38.00 piece set(Includes Free Shipping)!!!

This adorable and functional 38- piece newborn kit was designed by a first-time mom to make the lives of new moms easier. Jam-packed with everything from a 20-piece layette (newborn size) made of the softest cotton, to toiletries made of organic ingredients from around the globe, to a baby thermometer, an organizer for the bombardment of important documents and paperwork you’ll receive at the hospital, and much, much more. You’ll have everything you need for the big day and following weeks – all in one spot.

Besides all the baby essentials, you’ll also get a variety of stylish and functional bags to choose from for your daily needs. The messenger bag that holds all the contents also doubles as a unique and stylish diaper bag and overnighter travel bag. The delivery tote bag is the perfect size for a day sized diaper bag or travel companion bag to the messenger diaper bag for longer trips. You can use the garment bag to store diapers or organize your baby’s clothes and you can just toss in some diapers and wipes in the goody bag for a short jaunt to the park. The bags’ exterior is simplified, the bags’ interior’s vibrant pattern corresponds thematically for the baby boy, girl, or yet to be known! Makes a great gift for any new mom!

38-Piece Set includes:
2 bodysuits
2 short sleeve t-shirts
1 long sleeve t-shirt
2 rompers
3 burp rags
2 receiving blankets
2 nightgowns
2 wash cloths
Multifunctional nylon garment bag
Nylon tote bag
Nylon messenger diaper bag
Nylon goody bag
Changing pad
Dirty duds container
Digital thermometer
Baby nail clipper with emery board
2 diapers (for emergencies)
Nasal aspirator
¼ oz. natural herbal shea butter skin moisturizer
1 oz. natural lavender hydrating mist
1 oz. lavender baby lotion
1 oz. milk sponge bath
1 Baby record organizer & pen

Comes pre-packed as follows:
Messenger Bag: Nylon bag pre-packed with delivery tote, goody bag, garment bag, changing pad and dirty duds container.

Pockets galore for storage of cell phone, keys, wallet, bottles, pacifiers, and more.
Studs on the bottom for cleanliness.
Nikki Chris tag that has room to engrave your baby’s name.
Fits under airplane seat.
Delivery Tote: Nylon bag pre-packed with baby’s homecoming outfit and cap, receiving blanket, bib, burp cloth and mom’s organizer.

Zippers to keep all your gear together.
4 outside pockets – keeps items at one-hand reach.
Matches the messenger bag – together it’s baby’s ultimate luggage set.
Studs on bottom to keep distance from the bag and germs
Goody Bag: Nylon bag pre-packed with skin care products for baby and mom, digital thermometer, baby nail clipper, nasal aspirator.

Nylon fabric wipes clean.
Garment Bag: Nylon bag pre-packed with 2 onesies, romper, 2 nightgowns, 3 shirts, 2 burp cloths, receiving blanket, 2 washcloths, booties, and mittens.

Nylon fabric of garment bag wipes clean.
Velcro compartments secure and organize items.
Bag Dimensions: Messenger Bag Size: W: 19" H: 10" D" 7
Delivery Tote Size: W: 15" H: 14" D: 4"
Garment Bag Size: W: 18" H: 8" D: 3"
Goody Bag Size: W: 9" H: 9" D: 2"

Colors: Neutral - Contains neutral colors (yellow & white) essentials
Pink - Contains pink & white essentials
Blue - Contains blue & white essentials