Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The new Lexie Barnes Site is Up and New Patterns Announced

Lexie Barnes just relaunched with all new prints and some great new products!

Introducing Utopia



Question and Answer with Lexie Barnes --

Q. What is happening with the Duchess?

A. the Duchess is being redesigned as a laptop bag. It will be available late spring/early summer (for back to school!). The current layout is only available on the 2007 bags we have in stock.

Q. What about some of the other bags?

A. Some will be back and others won't. We're working on summer/fall now. If anyone has requests or suggestions on what to keep or add, we'd love to hear them.

Q. Can you tell us more about the Jinx?

A. The Jinx can be worn as a sling, across the body. Or over the shoulder. It's an awesome bag. It was in our very first line-up, but we had to pull it when when switched to laminated canvas. Now that we're moving to the taffeta, which works really well on a reversible bag, we're bringing it back. This is the #1 choice of bag of all of my personal friends, family, and colleague. Everyone has one. :)

Q. What will the sippy pockets be like on the new line?

A. Superstar: the side pockets on the Superstar (and on the Darling) will be made of taffeta (same as bag). The bags shown in the lifestyle photos aren't 100% accurate, as the samples we used were prototypes. The images on the product pages are more accurate.

Q. Are there other changes we should know about?

A. None of the new bags have black accents. The Utopia has dark green trim and yellow interior. The Pacifica has chocolate brown trim and pink interior. The Diablo had red trim and red interior. All hardware is nickel, not black plastic.

Q. Will the bags continue to come with changing pads?

A. The 2007 bags all come with optional, complimentary changing mats. These are all black. The 2008 products will not come with a changing mat. But we will continue to offer the black ones as long as we have them in stock. On our site, they will be sold separately as accessories. They will not be offered in the new colorways, though. Only black.

Q. Will there still be stroller straps on the darling?

A. No, the decision to remove the stroller straps was made because of customer feedback. While everyone likes the clips, most people don't use them -- they sling the bag over the handles of the stroller (I do that, too!). To keep them also would have meant increasing the price of the Darling -- and we didn't want to do that! :)

Q. How long will these prints be available?

A. These are not "limited edition." Rather, they are the first three prints in our permanent collection. We won't be revamping the prints each time anymore. We plan to add new prints every year and keep offering all of them (so customers can continue to grow their collections and match to their hearts' content!).


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