Saturday, May 29, 2010

Review Skip Hop City Chic

We have a guest blogger today! My friend Christina R. Thank you Christina!

I received this as a baby shower gift for my first son who was born 11/08. I still adore this bag and have a hard time finding another that rivals its organization. >>First, the detachable mommy bag on the front is just the right size for keys, a thin wallet, a packet of tissues,  iPhone, a small tablet and a few pens. The external zipper holds two lip glosses and one lip balm perfectly.
>>Back pocket is the width of the bag is just right for the included changing pad, disposable placemats, three sunhats, small first aid kit, two compressed shopping totes and two board books.
>>Two gusseted interior pockets big enough for wide bottles (i.e. Avent) and sippies
>>Two exterior pockets that are also great for wide bottles or even insulated Kleen Kanteens for mommies
>>Back to the inside, there are four pockets (entire inside of bag is teal).
>>>>In one, Pampers refillable wipes case, three size 4 dipes
>>>>In second, three size 3 dipes
>>>>In third, toddler bib, toddler paci and paci clip, infant paci and paci clip, two sandwich-size cloth bags filled with toddler munchies
>>>>In last pocket, full size diaper cream, mommy hand lotion, small flashlight, one sandwich-size cloth bag filled with quarters for the carwash, green antibacterial hand spray, kid sunscreen, small 2oz bottle of powdered infant cereal, ziploc bag filled with green antibacterial wipes and toddler fork and spoon
>>Interior still has room for a Sassy formula container, one cloth diaper (burp cloth) and Boogie wipes
>>The final and favorite feature: built-in stroller clips that are super strong.

In case you can't tell, I love this bag and am happy to use it with two little ones in diapers. While its not a backpack, it clips easily on our (single or double) stroller and the tote straps that are long enough to wear over a winter coat. I have the black and white pattern, Columbus Circle (with teal interior of the main and mommy bag - eliminating the "black hole" affect) and I get compliments on the pattern all the time - even when I'm just carrying the mommy bag. ShipHop City Chic: great value!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ju Ju Be Announces the BFF Diaper Bag

Ju Ju Be has announced their latest diaper bag, the BFF,  this week on their Ju Ju Blog. I don't know mommies, this one might be just about perfect. Pre-sales will begin June 21st and it will come in Black/Silver, Brown/Robin, Drip Drops, Midnight Eclipse, Lotus Lullaby, Sangria Sunset, Dizzy Daisies, and two yet-to-be-revealed NEW PRINTS! It will retail for $150.00. It looks like the Be Fab married the packabe (because of the roomier size than the BeAll and the backpack straps) and had a baby with a grab handle! This bag is gorgeous. Ju Ju Be really has an eye for style and functionality, that is for sure. The fact that it's machine washable and PVC free? BONUS! (To wash you unzip everything and put it upside down in the washer on gentle cold cycle, air dry. Easy peasy).

Here are the deets per the blog:
Main compartment
- nice and spacious
- double zipper opens bag up all the way with gusseted sides so nothing falls out
- two gusseted pockets on backside
- two interior drink pockets on either end
- two picture pockets on front side
- one long zippered pocket on front side
- inside is smooth & beautiful-satin only, which gives the bag an even more upscale look!
- GRAB HANDLE — you asked for it, and we gave it to you!!!
- Feet on bottom
Mommy pocket
- scrunchy key fob
- sunglass case
- two small gusseted pockets
- one small zippered pocket
Zippered pocket above mommy pocket lined with Tricot (perfect for protecting camera or phone)

Back pocket
- comes with changing pad – approx. 22 inches x 12 inches
Straps and D-rings
- DETACHABLE BACKPACK MESH PADDED STRAPS — super comfy and convenient! If you don’t like backpack styles, then use the MESSENGER STRAP! And, as always, you can hang it from your STROLLER with stroller clips (not included) or using your messenger strap. The shoulder pad doesn’t have to be removed to make it really small. The slider goes through the shoulder pad and to the other side of it — so you can wear it at a “tote” length! Super cool!! So it’s like three versions in one: tote, messenger and backpack!
- A removable shoulder pad — the same shoulder pad featured on our microfiber bags
- A messenger strap that extends to 48 inches long or as little as 27 inches at its shortest length (with the shoulder pad removed)
- D-rings on either side to attach strap and also to attach stroller clips (not included)
Two large insulated side pockets for sippies or bottles

Monday, May 17, 2010

Introducing the Be Quick PLUS (Solutions Sack) - the Best of Both Worlds!

As a new product offering we've put together two of our favorite products - the Ju Ju Be Be Quick with the Bella Tunno Solutions Sack = Be Quick Plus!

The Be Quick easily accomodates either a Boy or a Girl Solutions Sack as well as still has room for diapers and a larger wipes package if you preferred. At $25.00 this makes a great gift for a mother-to-be, a birthday present or a gift for yourself! It's an excellent way to give a  new mom an idea for one of the many ways the Be Quick can be used!

Scroll down to see inside photos of a Be Quick with the solutions sack inside!

Available now at

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Diaper Bag and Diaper bag Accessory Giveaways by

We're still having fun with giveaways! We had a blast last week with facebook fans winning many, many fun prizes.

This weeks giveaways will be:

Monday AND Tuesday - Ju Ju Be Be Quick with Solutions Sack

Wednesday  Lexie Barnes Minis Set

Thursday Bella Tunno Oopsie Ditty

Friday Skip Hop Dash or Duo (depending on your style!)

Saturday $50.00 Gift Certificate at

Sunday $75.00 Gift Certificate at

To join in the fun simply "like" us at the Mamas and Munchkins fan page, if you aren't on facebook you can still join in the fun here by commenting or tweeting the contest, recommend friends and get an automatic entry! Any questions, let us know here and we'll answer asap.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ju Ju Be Diaper Bag "mini reviews"

Today's facebook giveaway was a JuJuBe Be Light Diaper Bag and to enter the contest I asked everyone to post their favorite product and overwhelmingly the Ju Ju Be's were in high favor. I thought I'd share them with you here:

I just got a Be Set and I am loving it. You can organize everything in your bag (especially with little ones) and it looks great too. However my very best feature of Ju-Ju-Be's has to be that it is washable! ... Susan

I love my be quicks! And yes I said quickS. The help keep my Lo things organized in my diaper bag. Or when I am changing from one bag to another to keep me from forgetting a need item! Also love the great colors! ... Rachel G

I love my JJB Mini Bes! They hold a lot for being so small and are just really cute and comfortable. I love that my DD can wear it soon when she is a little older too. It makes a great park bag and allows you to have hands free for chasing your little ones.... Joanne

I love my JJB MiniBe. I took it on vacation and it was perfect for carrying all I needed for my little one around the resort. It's light and a great size for all you need. ... Andrea L

My favorite product is the JJB Between. It was my first JJB, and it's just perfect. I love how the mommy pocket can hold my wallet, keys, phone and quick access stuff. And the inside is seperated. So diapers, wipes, clothes in one side and foods in the other. It's also the perfect size, not too big or too small. Just love it! ... Kati K

My favorite is the MightyBe. It is seriously the best bag I've used...I can pack it full or pack it light and either way, it's not bulky and is still simple to get things in and out. It's my every day bag right now and I'm just debating about ordering an EL MB! ... Nicole W

We love our JJB MiniBe in this house. My daughter loves the fact that she can carry a backpack like the big kids. And with her carrying her own stuff, I can think about getting a Behave!... Janelle

My favourite product is the JJB holds a TON but if you don't pack a lot it doesn't look big...I love taking it to the zoo, splash pads, day outtings, it holds all my stuff AND of course ds's stuff too... Lexie

My favorite product is the JJB WannaBe! It's perfect for use AFTER the diaper days are over! It holds everything you need for a day at the beach or pool, and the sand trap is genius!... Kyla

My favorite product is the JuJuBe BeLight! It's great for the car (just hang it off the headrest) for toys, hanging off a stroller that's tippy, adjustable for how you like it, insanely light. It's a fantastic quick on the go bag and can definitely be used for other than just baby stuff!... Angela E

best JJB? The be light of course!! I love how small it folds, it's so light, but I can fit a ton of stuff in there :)... Lindsay V

Be Light: This is such a great little bag for a quick trip out. Easily holds a cloth nappy, wipes and wet bag, be mine, a sippy and some snacks in the back pocket. It's an awesome bag for baby carrying because it's so light and comfortable to wear or it fits easily over the back the of the stroller. Because you tie... the straps yourself you can make them any length you like or even a backpack!! Plus it's reversable so you can change the colour to match your outfit. ... Georgia

Ju Ju Be Be Rich Review: I cannot say enough good about my Be Rich! Seriously, it is absolutely perfect in that it holds cash, coins, all my cards (license, check cards, insurance cards, etc.) plus it still has room for receipts or giftcards. It doesn't even get very bulky with all that in there either. I love it! :) ... Vanessa

Ju Ju Be Packabe Mini Review: The Ju Ju Be PackaBe is the most versatile diaper bag ever made. It can be worn back pack style, messenger style and cross body with ease. Inside, the storage is impressive. I think packing works best with JJB BeQuicks, but can be used easily without them. I can usually fit 4-5 quicks fill...ed with all of my DD's excursion needs. The outer mommy pocket provides perfect organization for cell phone, wallet and other essentials, while the bottom pocket is great for smaller items that you want easy access to. The organization, quality, and the washability factor make this bag a winner and the color options can't be beat! I can't wait to get another one in Drip Drops! ... Kristen K

My favorite product is probably the JuJuBe BeRightBack. I love that it has the separate bottom pocket so that it doesn't turn into a deep abyss like most backpacks. I can fit cloth diapers for 2 into the bottom and things for all 4 of my kids in the main compartment. Everything is extremely organized. I'm amazed at... the amount of things it holds, keeps them all where I can find them and get to them easily, and is still comfortable to wear, even when stuffed full. Most backpacks I tire of wearing quickly but the BRB is comfy all day long. And, probably my favorite part, would be it follows my 2-word rule since kids: "MACHINE WASHABLE!" It's a great bag for long days with one or two kids or as an every day bag for those with, well, more! :-) ... Kathleen R

Wow is it hard to pick just one JJB product since they are all awesome. I love the size of the BeTween. It is a perfect bag for one child. It fits everything I needed to take one of my younger girls with me and there was plenty more room. I carried a few diapers and wipes, snacks, and a few toys. Then I added my w...allet and anything else I needed. Love that it's machine washable so the dirt stains can get clean or that if you spill anything in it, it's easily cleaned. No more worry about moldy, mildewed, bags because you can't machine wash them.... Julinda

Favorite product = jjb be quick! These are soooo perfect for everything! I keep my giant jjb be prepared in the trunk at all times and just carry a be quick in stores packed with my wallet, 2 diapers for each baby and some wipes! They are the perfect diaper bag organizer too! ...Stephanie A

I love love LOVE the JJB BeSet!! Not only are the adorable but they have a million and one uses!! Small is great for change purse, corralling little video games, cameras, cell phones, and ipods. Medium is great for small toys or snacks in the diaper bag or car, mommy's make up or "girl stuff" bag, or organizing a drawe...r/locker. Large makes the cutest purse ever, is great for carrying diapers/wipes in a smaller purse (less bulky than the Quick but holds what you need!), or for organizing. We've got them in all sizes in our house, car, bags, school backpacks and lockers, and at Grandma's house!! EVERYONE (not just Moms) needs a BeSet!!! ... MJ F

Review of the JuJuBe BeSpicy: I love this bag, a place for everything and everything in it's place! Great Mommy pocket to keep all your things, you don't have to search through the bag to find your stuff anymore. Washable, antimicrobial, super durable and repels stains! My son spilled chocolate milk all over my bag and... it wiped off without a trace! So spacious inside, you can pack enough for two in diapers for the full day and have room to spare! Love, love, love this bag and recommend it to all! ... Leah

Review of the JJB Mighty Be: This is probably my favorite bag! It is so light weight and versatile! I love that it can hold so much. I use it for work to carry my Fuel Cell, book, wallet and books to share with students. I use it as an out and about bag with my 2.5yo dd. It's agreat Library bag. They uses just g...o on and on. It folds up and fits in a quick so you have it if you need it. I have used it hanging on the back of my drivers seat to store my carrier and dd's monkey/leash backpack so they are not just stuffed under the seat. It is just the PERFECT bag!!! .... Amy K

The Ju Ju Be Be Spicy is an awesome diaper bag! It has all of the normal JJB awesome features: washable, light-colored inside (so you can find black hole), no snaps/velcro, Teflon coated & antimicrobial treated. It has FOUR bottle/sippy pockets on the outside (2 of them with 3M Thinsulate lining). ...I don't usually use all four at once, but it's a great feature. There are magazine pockets on the outside which are not only great for mama's magazines, but also for kid's books or coloring books or any other papers you may need to carry (being an accountant, I've put my family's tax returns in there). The four mesh pockets on the inside help to keep everything organized. There is a big zipper pocket on the inside, but I haven't figured out what to put in there yet. The mommy pocket totally rocks! I love the key chain scrunchy and the sunglasses case! Plus, keeping my items in a separate pocket helps me to quickly find what I need. The strap options are great. Sometimes I like to carry my Be Spicy with the tote straps, and other times I prefer to use the messenger strap! When you want the tote straps out of the way, you can tuck them into the magazine pocket. The Be Spicy also comes with the Be Connected straps...which I use all the time on my stroller. The only negative comment I have for the Be Spicy is that it can get a bit mis-shapen when you try to shove too much into it. But, overall, I recommend the Be Spicy to any mommy (or daddy)! ... Adrienne S.

Reviews of the JJB WannaBe:this bag is the perfect beach bag!! I like that it has outside elastic towel holder to save space on the inside.It has a lot of pockets and one of the pockets is cooler pocket with wipe clean lining and insulation.I love the fact that it has a sand trap sand drain. You just open the zipper, ...shake the sand out and zip it up again and you are done. ...Betty

Review of the JuJuBe BeRich: I was so thrilled when JJB came out with the Rich! It is the FIRST wallet that has ever had enough slots for all of my cards! It also fits my cash perfectly, and even has several extra long slots that can be used to coupons, receipts, etc. I LOVE IT! ♥ ...Anneke

JJB Be Major Review: I absolutely love my Be Major! It has the perfect number of card slots, pocket for my coupons, and a zipper pocket for cash! It holds two lip glosses and a pen, which are essential for me, as well as a key fob and photo holders for my little cuties. It has a short strap to use it as a wristlet ( is what I normally do!) or a long strap to use it as a purse. And it's a perfect fit for my phone in the outer pocket. I love that I can quickly grab it and go, without the kids, or move it between my purse and diaper bag, or between different diaper bags. I absolutely love it, and can't wait for the Earth Leather one to arrive that I ordered from Mamas and Munchkins! :) ... Mandi

Review of the JJB BeQuick!
I LOVE QUICKS! They are so versatile and stylish to take anywhere. They have a great wristlet handle and an interior pocket for diaper creams or other necessities. You can never have too many BeQuicks...for diapers/wipes, toys, first aid, cosmetic bag, and the list goes on! They come in perfect prints too :) ... Alyssa

Join our facebook fan page to join us in the fun. There are big giveaways coming up,  including the next three days!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

DeNaiHoldingBagThe Heirloom by Petunia fabric is a showcase of Petunia’s most adored and iconic patterns, woven into one from the past ten years. Striking a pitch-perfect balance between classic charm and modern sensibility, Petunia’s limited edition 10th anniversary diaper bag will be one that mother’s will want to pass down to future generations.

Congratulations to Petunia Pickle Bottom for 10 years of stunning diaper bags! 

This year, Petunia Pickle Bottom celebrates their 10 year anniversary by introducing Heirloom by Petunia– a limited edition fabric to celebrate 10 years of striking bold new paths across the fashion landscape for mothers the world over.
“I wanted to design a fabric that symbolized a modern day memory quilt for Petunia,” says Denai Jones, President and Founder. “It has been a profound experience to reflect and reminisce about the fabrics from season’s pasts – so many life and company evolutions and experiences inspired the fabrics over the last 10 years. I am looking forward to all the futures journeys and creating fashionable, functional lifestyle products for savvy parents.”

 More than three little words, Petunia Pickle Bottom is a lifestyle—a different way of looking at the world. And perhaps nowhere else is that difference more distinct, unique or decidedly fashionable than in the Petunia products themselves. A perennial exhibit of bold lines, daring colors and darling designer details, Petunia Pickle Bottom was created for the steadfast sophisticate inside every woman. Silk brocades, hand-woven tweeds, plush chenilles, intricate cut velvets, and exquisitely detailed embroidery—every one a Petunia hallmark, and every one an expression of motherhood’s myriad facets.

Born out of a desire to bring style and sophistication to the world of modern parenting, Petunia Pickle Bottom was founded in 2000 by a trio of people who pay homage to the chic mommy who makes a statement without saying a word.

Striking a pitch-perfect balance between classic charm and modern sensibility, the LIMITED EDITION 10th anniversary fabric is a showcase of the most adored and iconic patterns, woven into one.

href="file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5Csbennett%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtmlclip1%5C01%5Cclip_colorschememapping.xml" rel="colorSchemeMapping"> Espresso/Gold/Cream modern garden design with vignettes of past Petunia fabrics blooming throughout. Hand embroidered detail in golden hues and tranquil blues. Espresso water resistant lining and Espresso straps.
Hands-free backpack or long messenger strap
Built-in changing station with detachable changing pad
2 large diaper/wipes pockets
4 bottle pockets
2 organizational pockets
Small pacifier pocket
Detachable dirty diaper pouch
“No more digging” key clip
Water-resistant liner
PPB monogrammed wipes case
Dimensions: 13 X 13.5 X 5.5 in.
PVC-Free Glazed “wipe-able” exterior
-pictures from Petunia Pickle Bottom

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Diaper Bags - What to pack

Happy Mothers Day!

Being Mothers Day I thought I'd give myself the weekend off of blogging, yet I couldn't stay away. I thought I'd repost my tips on "the bare necessities". A diaper bag is truly a mothers support system which is why I like to refer to them as your babies life support system. Everything you cannot personally provide (breastfeeding, hugs and kisses, back pats) must be carried with you so that you can function while you are out and about.

How to Properly Prepare your Life Support System

Diapers - disposable or cloth, add two to the number you think you will need for your outing (better to be safe than sorry).
Wipes - wet wipes for diaper changes AND antibacterial wipes for wiping down changing tables and who knows what else while you are out. The fashionable will want to look at the gorgeous designer cases out today. If you are a casual mom, ziplock bags work just fine too, they just aren't as "green".

Diaper Cream - Need we say more? Tip: keep a couple of diapers, some wipes and a tube of cream (we always liked "Butt Paste") in a Be Quick from Ju Ju Be. This handy wristlet makes a quick change to the restroom a snap, and it comes in gorgeous color options.

Changing Pad, Blanket, Burp Cloth, Bib(s) - Blanket can double as a changing pad if yours gets dirty and we've been known to use burp cloths as pillows on hard surfaces.

First Aid/Toiletries Kit - Very important, you don't want to be searching all over for that nose sucker when you really need it do you? We also like the size range of the Lexie Barnes mini's to keep these items neat and organized. Don't forget pain reliever for baby and for yourself.

Bottles/Sippies, Formula/Breastmilk, Baby Food and Snacks - depending on babies age. Check out the range of accessories from Ju Ju Be from sippy and bottle rockets to their snack capsule which is an insulated bag that will keep bottles, baby food jars and any sort of snack cool as a cucumber; the snack capsule includes a zipper pocket on top for spoons, teething rings, etc. The new fuel cell by Ju Ju Be is one of my favorite accessories for these items.

Extra Clothes - you never know when you'll experience one of those surprise blow-outs (most often after you've just changed the baby, of course). Spills and accidents will frequently leave babies in need of new clothes, so a spare outfit is essential. Also keep in mind weather changes. Nursing moms may want to stock their bag with an extra shirt of their own, there is nothing more embarrasing then walking around with two wet circles you know where...

Mess Bag(s) - self explanatory. Holds dirty diapers and soiled clothing. You CAN use ziploc bags but why do that when there are so many gorgeous options out there to use instead? You might want to keep a small sealable bag for each disposable diaper on hand, technically these are hazardous waste (yes, seriously) and need to be disposed of properly at home and not in public.

Entertainment - yes, entertainment. Early on it's rattles and colorful toys; later it's crayons, books, magnadoodles and dinosaurs. We are a big fan of the Lexie Barnes minis and Ju Ju Be Be Quicks for this too. Organization is key here.

Oh, if you are a babywearer don't forget your favorite sling!Phew, did we forget anything? Let us know and we'll add it.