Friday, November 30, 2007

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Satin nylon totes and convertible bags with tons of pockets!!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lexie Barnes Factory Sale Announcement

Factory Sale!

Come see us during the Winter Festival & Open Studio Event
at the Eastworks Building, Easthampton, MA
* STUDIO 245 *
Friday, November 30 - Noon-5pm
Saturday, December 1 - Noon-5pm
Sunday, December 2nd - Noon-4pm

All weekend long, you can enjoy savings on samples, seconds, and 2007 closeouts. And while you're here, see some of the shops, galleries and artists' studios that will be open to the public this weekend only.

This may be the last chance to pick up some of your favorite items!

We'll also have some rare items not available anywhere else (like hard to find Minis and changing mats in retired prints!) So come on by!

If you can't make it and you are looking for something special, give us a call. We'll be here!

See you there!

-The LB Crew

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What I love about my Lexie Barnes Duchess

by Viki Ortega

OK....I had a Packabe before I had the Duchess. I can fit a TON in the Packabe and the non-padded straps don't bother me. So, then I got the Duchess and I took everything out of the Packabe, and I was able to fit it into the Duchess, including the Snack Capsule. The only bad part was that the organization is not anywhere near that of the Packabe! And, the Duchess is not quite so boutique looking as the Packabe...but really compare JJB and LB as far as fabric and quality go! They are both fantastic bags....but just different.

Anyway, I originally ordered the Viona print because I thought it would go great with me orange Bob Revolution! I was right....but I hated the bag!!! I had to send it back and exchange it. I thought for sure I would still hate the Bali Hai that I was ordering. Emma had it and she swore that I would just love it when I got it. I was really really afraid that it would be too loud!!! So, it came in the mail and I packed it up and put it on and OMG...I just love the way it feels on. It forms to my back and stays on really close and tight if I want it to. I can put it on and run around (ha...isn't that a sight???) and it doesn't flop or wiggle around. I love the little pocket under the grab handle. It is big enough to fit my cell phone, lip gloss and a couple of other things. I love the mesh pockets on the outside. The front slip pockets are small but they fit my cell phone and a toy. I love the front pocket of the Duchess, I use this as a Mommy pocket. The main pocket only has a couple of small slip pockets but since I compartmentalize everything that I carry with me in either LB minis or Be is not a problem at all. I really didn't think that with all that I had in there I could fit the Snack Capsule but I did. So here is what I pack in it: Be Quick, BabySpareWear, 2 LB MicroMinis, HH Pilot, another LB mini for odds and ends, a JJB mess shuttle for my coupons, checkbook etc, phone, camera, baby's "cell" phone, cherrios container, sippy cup and sometimes the snack capsule!!! I ALWAYS grab this bag when I go to Disneyland unless I am trying to "road test" another bag.

So....I was getting tired of my Sporty Stripe Packabe and my friend had the Sienna Swirl, so we swapped. I was so excited to get it. I packed it up and have been using it for about a week (no Disneyland last week) and when I put it on.....I seriously feel like a turtle and feel like if I turn too fast, I will knock the people standing next to me!!! I love the Packabe hanging on the stroller. I love the Mommy pockets, I love the inside organization....BUT I hate how bulky it feels!!!

The technical information about the Duchess: The main compartment has room for everything you need, plus three small organizational pockets. Front compartment holds the stuff you want to get to fast (it's also nicely fitted for changing pad, wipes and diapers). Features include water-resistant fabric, padded, ergonomic shoulder straps; adjustable, quick-release stroller loops; two exterior, easy-access front pockets; two drawstring side mesh pockets; hidden key/phone pocket.

Dimensions: 15”h X 11”w X 4.5”d

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Momma's got a brand new bag! Mia Bossi Alisa

In the last year I have seen so many bags I have forgotten most of them, NOT Alisa however. I was at Mia Bossi picking up some bags a couple of weeks ago and I saw her. Alisa in Ruby. OMG. She is absolutely sensational! Alisa feels amazingly soft and supple, smells divine and looks just like a big gorgeous designer handbag rather than a diaper bag. (I won't be using it but) the changing pad is remarkably soft.

It's surprisingly spacious on the inside with pockets all the way around, yes all the way around. I put my sunglasses in one, water bottle in another, wallet in another, phone in another, purell and lipgloss in another, beQuick in another. And there was still tons of room left on the inside.

The straps are great, long enough to wear across the body if you are carrying your baby and flexible enough to go over/attach to stroller or just to wear on the shoulder, as I usually do. If you love quality, function and style this is the diaper bag for you...

Italian Hermes lamb leathers, chrome finish hardware with snake skin and leather accents

Features: machine washable animal print changing pad, zip-in and zip-out inside lining (additional insert for computer or briefcase available), cell phone holder, two exterior bottle holders, 1 interior bottle holder, two exterior pockets, keychain holder, diaper holder, baby wipe holder and a private zippered pocket for personal belongings. Straps are adjustable and detachable, making it a snap to strap around the stroller.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sales, sales, sales... Don't you just love this time of year???

It's Cyber Monday through ebates:

Zappos has 12% back today (instead of 6%)

Shoebuy has 18% back today (instead of 10%)

eBags has 12% back today (instead of 6%) and if you use Paypal to check out of eBags you get 20% back...

Endless has 12% back today (instead of 6%

In addition, check out: has great pricing on discontinued colors and styles as well as quality seconds use code: Holiday07 for additional 20% off sale merchandise use code: babybags for 15% off in addition to current sale pricing!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Questions to ask when shopping for the PERFECT Diaper Bag

How many kids are you packing for?
Are you Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding?
Are you using cloth or disposable diapers (cloth requires much more room and space for wetbags)?

How do you like to carry your bag?

*Messenger Style - across the body, with a foldover flap and small, button down pockets on each end.

*Tote (like a tote bag) and if so, what strap drop will be the most comfortable for you?

*Backpack style; dual straps reduce back strain and free up your arms to carry/or wear your baby.

*Stroller bags - commonly designed with long, looping carrying straps that can be hung over/or attached to a stroller.

*Convertible bags - these are for women who like to change it up once in a while, they sometimes want a backpack, sometimes want to attach to their stroller and sometimes want to carry like a messenger. The Ju Ju Be Packabe is an excellent example of this type of bag.

Are you looking for a solid color or do you prefer a print (soft or bold)?

What type of material do you prefer: Leather, canvas, laminate, nylon, oil cloth, suede, vinyl, cloth, microfiber? Is wipeability or the ability to wash crucial?
Is the type of closure important to you? Will velcro wake the baby, do you need a magnetic snap or a zipper so nothing falls out?

What type of any how many pockets do you need? Are exterior bottle/sippy pockets important, do you need a large "mommy pocket" or a light interior so you aren't loading up a black hole?

What is your price range? Are you looking for stylish, super stylish or "OMG I can't stop looking at my bag" drop dead stylish?

There are no right or wrong answers but they are important questions. Only you have the answers, if you need help matching up your answers with the perfect bag -- you are in the right place.

Most moms have several bags, each has a different function and each is as important. Don't forget a bag that your husband can use. Daddy bags are all the rage right now, BUT if your husband is caught with your gorgeous floral or your TDF leather mom bag no one will really suspect it's his so you might as well just buy what YOU like...

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Nikki Chris Special Delivery System -- Making Birth Day A Breeze

Been crazy with the holidays and this cold had me a little (OK, a lot) behind but I came across this great inexpensive option for a new single mom or any dollar conscious mom starting out and wanted to share, it's an unbelievable deal for the price! The Nikki Chris Newborn Starter Kit contains everything a mom needs to bring a baby into the home. Makes a great gift! It's a modular, mix and match collection with 38 essentials and comes in three color options.

According to the site the Nikki Chris Special Delivery System was borne from the 20-20 hindsight of a first time mom who was put on bed rest shortly before her delivery. Her dreams of how much easier her life would be if a magic stork delivered the many little necessities she thought she had, but realized at the last minute she didn't. You know, all the things you hold off buying because you don't know what you are going to get at a shower or as a new baby gift. Alas, however generous everyone always seems to be, there always seems to be "missing items". This is not true when these items comes your way.

This surely won't take you beyond a couple of weeks, particularly when out and about and start coordinating bags with your outfits, strollers and particular outings but what a great opportunity to get started and cover your bases!

$129 for the $38.00 piece set(Includes Free Shipping)!!!

This adorable and functional 38- piece newborn kit was designed by a first-time mom to make the lives of new moms easier. Jam-packed with everything from a 20-piece layette (newborn size) made of the softest cotton, to toiletries made of organic ingredients from around the globe, to a baby thermometer, an organizer for the bombardment of important documents and paperwork you’ll receive at the hospital, and much, much more. You’ll have everything you need for the big day and following weeks – all in one spot.

Besides all the baby essentials, you’ll also get a variety of stylish and functional bags to choose from for your daily needs. The messenger bag that holds all the contents also doubles as a unique and stylish diaper bag and overnighter travel bag. The delivery tote bag is the perfect size for a day sized diaper bag or travel companion bag to the messenger diaper bag for longer trips. You can use the garment bag to store diapers or organize your baby’s clothes and you can just toss in some diapers and wipes in the goody bag for a short jaunt to the park. The bags’ exterior is simplified, the bags’ interior’s vibrant pattern corresponds thematically for the baby boy, girl, or yet to be known! Makes a great gift for any new mom!

38-Piece Set includes:
2 bodysuits
2 short sleeve t-shirts
1 long sleeve t-shirt
2 rompers
3 burp rags
2 receiving blankets
2 nightgowns
2 wash cloths
Multifunctional nylon garment bag
Nylon tote bag
Nylon messenger diaper bag
Nylon goody bag
Changing pad
Dirty duds container
Digital thermometer
Baby nail clipper with emery board
2 diapers (for emergencies)
Nasal aspirator
¼ oz. natural herbal shea butter skin moisturizer
1 oz. natural lavender hydrating mist
1 oz. lavender baby lotion
1 oz. milk sponge bath
1 Baby record organizer & pen

Comes pre-packed as follows:
Messenger Bag: Nylon bag pre-packed with delivery tote, goody bag, garment bag, changing pad and dirty duds container.

Pockets galore for storage of cell phone, keys, wallet, bottles, pacifiers, and more.
Studs on the bottom for cleanliness.
Nikki Chris tag that has room to engrave your baby’s name.
Fits under airplane seat.
Delivery Tote: Nylon bag pre-packed with baby’s homecoming outfit and cap, receiving blanket, bib, burp cloth and mom’s organizer.

Zippers to keep all your gear together.
4 outside pockets – keeps items at one-hand reach.
Matches the messenger bag – together it’s baby’s ultimate luggage set.
Studs on bottom to keep distance from the bag and germs
Goody Bag: Nylon bag pre-packed with skin care products for baby and mom, digital thermometer, baby nail clipper, nasal aspirator.

Nylon fabric wipes clean.
Garment Bag: Nylon bag pre-packed with 2 onesies, romper, 2 nightgowns, 3 shirts, 2 burp cloths, receiving blanket, 2 washcloths, booties, and mittens.

Nylon fabric of garment bag wipes clean.
Velcro compartments secure and organize items.
Bag Dimensions: Messenger Bag Size: W: 19" H: 10" D" 7
Delivery Tote Size: W: 15" H: 14" D: 4"
Garment Bag Size: W: 18" H: 8" D: 3"
Goody Bag Size: W: 9" H: 9" D: 2"

Colors: Neutral - Contains neutral colors (yellow & white) essentials
Pink - Contains pink & white essentials
Blue - Contains blue & white essentials

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Skooch, Go Incognito

Anyone who knows me knows I am a bag lady. I believe in bags. I LOVE bags. They have a special power, the power to produce soothing comfort, to provide utility, to get you through the day. The right bag is a lifesaver. It's why I believe that a diaper bag is not JUST a diaper bag, that it's a life support system.

I came across a bag that fits that mold perfectly, the Baby Skooch. With three front pockets and three back pockets, a roomy interior with contrasting water resistant fabric for easy viewing, two corner pockets wide enough for wide neck bottles, two additionanl spacious side pockets, one roomy zippered compartment, versatile shoulder straps that convert to a stroller bag with a quick clip of the snaphook, 4 nickel feet to protect the base of the bag, and an oversized color coordinated changing pad this bag seems perfect for the mother who carries everything.

The Baby Skooch measures a roomy 11"x6"x15" and the prints are as funky as the bag is functional. The exterior fabric in the "Mix It Up" collection is a waterproof 600 Denier Polyester. The exterior fabric in the "Groovy" collection is polyester with a water repellant finish which allows most liquids to bead and roll off the surface for easy cleaning.

"I wanted the bag to be an extension of a mom’s outfit--an accessory that completes an outfit, just like a regular handbag completes an outfit, but with the added twist of being a functional diaper bag. I wanted it to be a bag that a mom would want to use even after diapers, wipes, and formulas were gone. Why give up your fashion sense just because you became a mom? I believe we should embrace motherhood and look fantastic doing it!

Hopefully the collections will bring a smile to your face and some relief in knowing that you’ve finally found an “incognito” diaper bag!" -- Maria Razo Cortez, Skooch Founder/Creative Director

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ju Ju Be "Be Prepared" Just Like The Boy Scouts...

by Kerri Klugewicz, Pink Lady and Proud JJB enthusiast

We mommies know that the Boy Scouts aren't the only ones whose motto is "Be Prepared" - and now, thanks to the Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag of the same name, we can do just that! Moms of more than one in diapers, moms of twins, moms who travel a lot, or moms who are simply overpackers - rejoice! Your long-awaited perfect diaper bag is finally here - and it's both fabulous AND fabulously functional!

In their recent fall Premiere Collection, Ju-Ju-Be introduced what I think is one of the most innovative diaper bag designs on the market - the Be Prepared. Measuring a very spacious 18.5 x 14 x 6.5 inches, this is by far the largest and roomiest diaper bag I've ever tried (and trust me, I've tried MANY!) Yet despite its significant size and abundance of unique and practical features, this a beautiful bag that is not too enormous or unwieldy. It maintains a fairly structured shape no matter how much or how little you put into it, so it never looks sloppy or slouchy or too "duffel bag-esque." Thanks to the fabulous organizational features that are a Ju-Ju-Be trademark, this is the rare bag that will allow you to carry everything you might possibly need for yourself and your kids, and yet be able to find and access all of it with ease!

Some JJB fans I know use their Be Prepared for day trips and overnights only, but it's definitely not too big to be an everyday bag, particularly if you're a heavy packer, a cloth-diapering mama, or have multiple kids. I have three young children (ages 5, 3, and 1), two are in diapers, and I tend to be a heavy packer in general, so I often use my Be Prepared as an everyday bag and find it's perfect for my needs. Finally, I no longer need to carry a separate purse for myself, or a second bag when I'll be going on a day trip, or somewhere we'll need extra changes of clothes! I can carry everything I need for all three kids, plus my own items, plus whatever extra things I might need for the days' activities (for example, school books when we're going to our homeschool co-op classes, supplies when I'm leading La Leche League meetings, etc.) I LOVE no longer having to carry separate totes for these items, or sticking the random stuff that doesn't fit into a plastic grocery sack at the last minute(UGH!) Usually, I still have space to spare in my Be Prepared for things we might pick up during the day (you know how things accumulate when you have little ones!) and that has definitely NEVER happened to me before!

The one time my Be Prepared was stuffed close to capacity, I had fit all of the following in it, for an all-day trip: 8 size 5 diapers, 6 Pull-Ups and 2 size 6 diapers, a full-size Pampers wipes refill package, two JJB Wardrobe Stations containing complete changes of clothes and pajamas for the all three kids, a JJB Be Quick containing small miscellaneous items like medicines, etc., another Be Quick containing small toys (Matchbox cars, Princess figurines, etc.), a large box of crayons and several coloring books, TWO baby carriers rolled up (a ring sling and a Beco), assorted snacks for the kids and myself, digital camera, a book for myself, 3 sippy cups, a bottle of water for myself, a bottle of hairspray, my full checkbook-size wallet, a large cosmetics bag, sunglasses, cell phone, planner/calendar, and small misc. items in the mommy pocket. But even when I don't have nearly as much in it, the bag still looks nice and holds its shape!

The Be Prepared has all the usual great JJB features like the washable, Teflon-coated fabric, the antimicrobial inner lining, the multitude of well-placed pockets and compartments, the high-quality construction and durability, the cute photo slots, the insulated sippy/bottle pockets, the adorable little touches like the rhinestone zipper pulls, and the comfortable, memory-foam straps. But this bag has even more wonderful things to offer that you won't find anywhere else, starting with the large mommy pocket - it has a place for your cell phone, a place for your sunglasses, a scrunchy keychain, and several other little pockets for smaller items. Behind the mommy pocket is a gusseted open pocket, great for sticking things you need to reach quickly and easily. On the back of the bag, there's a pocket for the changing pad - and it's an oversized one! Inside the cavernous main compartment are several mesh pockets - with color-coded tabs, so you can easily see which side has which size diapers before pulling them all out! There's also a great additional pocket behind one of the mesh pockets that runs the full length of the bag but is not too deep; I find this perfect for my wallet and camera (I don't like my mommy pocket to be too full), so I can grab them quickly and they don't end up at the bottom of the bag. One of the most ingenious features of the Be Prepared is the L-shaped zipper on the main compartment; it allows the bag to be opened just at the top as would be typical, or unzipped all the way down the sides of the bag to its base, allowing full access to everything inside and a multitude of packing and organizational options.

There are two insulated sippy/bottle pockets on either end of the bag, which have great little magnetized flaps that close over them so nothing slides out no matter how much the bag gets jostled. Inside are two additional pockets for sippies, bottles, or anything else. And this amazing bag rests on four metal feet, so the bottom of it won't get dirty! The Be Prepared can be carried several ways - by its tote handles, a shoulder strap, or messenger style. The tote handles can be tucked in when not in use, and the adjustable shoulder/messenger strap detaches. The Be Prepared, like all the Premiere bags, comes with the Be Connected stroller straps inlcuded, which are just incredible! The grip like crazy so your bag doesn't budge when hung on your stroller, and they're just adorable with the signature JJB rhinestone decorating them.

The Be Prepared comes in three solid colors (black with silver accents, and brown with either robin blue or bubblegum pink accents), but I am exceedingly partial to the one patterned fabric it's available in so far - Purple Paisley. This vivid yet elegant print combines several gorgeous and au courant shades of purple and sets them against a background of neutral of black and grey. It is, at once, both eye-catching and subdued - it's colorful, and yet surprisingly seems to coordinate with almost anything. I'm sure the solid-colored Be Prepared is pretty as well, but the shape and dimensions of this bag provide a particularly great canvas to showcase this lovely fabric. We JJB fans have heard through the grapevine that the Be Prepared will be available in additional patterns in the spring collection, and I can't wait!

No diaper bag is perfect, although this one sure comes close! There are only three small suggestions I'd offer that would make an amazing bag even better. First, the tote handles on the Be Prepared are a a bit short, and the strap drop (as the straps are connected pretty far apart on an already wide bag) makes it difficult for me to wear it as a tote bag. I still like the tote handles, though, as they provide a quick way to grab the bag before you get it on your shoulder with the shoulder strap. Secondly, the bag tends to lean forward a bit - the consensus among the JJB fans I know is that this seems to happen because the pocket behind the mommy pocket is gusseted; this is great because it gives you more room for things in that space, but it can cause the bag to come close to tipping if you don't practice balancing the contents. Lastly, only the front and back of the Be Prepared are made of the usual JJB fabric; the top and sides of the bag are made of a canvas material. The JJB folks tell us that this served a dual purpose - it made the bag more expandable width-wise, and also made it a bit lighter. Some mamas are not bothered by this, but others of us think the Be Prepared would be nicer with the same fabric all around, a change I believe is under consideration by the JJB designers, who are always fantastic about listening to their fans!

Ju-Ju-Be has really outdone themselves on this one, and the Be Prepared is an incredible, must-have bag! It has really filled a gap in the market for an extra-large, yet stylish and well-organized bag. There's just nothing like it, and now that I've tried it, I know I couldn't live without it!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What bag would you like to see reviewed?

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Oi Oi New Product Line Update

Oi Oi has been very popular this year! Particularly the Giraffe line, which has come and gone, and other than what the retailers will be receiving this week these gorgeous bags are already out of stock until the end of January. Believe it or not...

Also out of stock until the end of January are the Charcoal/lime dot totes (these have been out for quite some time) AND the Charcoal/lime dot hobos (one of their staples and best sellers). On the other hand the Pistachio Herringbone Hobos have been completely discontinued and the Chocolate Herringbone Hobos are out but is said that they will be back next fall. I haven't heard anything yet about the Pink Herringbone Hobo but I have seen those on sale which makes me wonder. I love the Herringbone Hobos, they are such an elegant, classy, diaper bag. I hope they do bring the brown Herringbone back, but if not I'm sure there will be something equally as beautiful. If you want any of these bags and you see one, snap it up...

There hasn't been a lot of buzz about the other new fall introductions. I LOVE the Woolen Check bags, the Woolen Check Satchel is gorgeous with the black patent accents it's simply TDF. The other fall bag I love is the Red Vintage Poppy Hobo.

So, what's new? What's next? Oi Oi is introducing two additional Hobo Sac bags (the giraffe being the first of their Sac style hobo's brought to the USA), their Ink Cargo Drill and Red Cargo Drill.

There are three new Messengers; Ink Cargo Drill, Red Cargo Drill and a new Pansy print messenger. There will also be a new backpack in the Pansy fabric.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holiday Offers from Fleurville

Just a quick bit of news to keep you posted as to what is going on at Fleurville. Fleurville will be offering free shipping (within the continental US) and free gift wrap (silver box with silver bow) on orders over $99 for the holiday season. Gift wrap will be available for all orders placed from Thanksgiving on!

Introducing the Lexie Tote!
Designed as a true cross-over bag, the Lexie is great for a new mom or as a Toddler Tote and transitions beautifully into an elegant handbag for the post-diaper years. It has all the great features you expect from Fleurville – non-skid tote handles, seam-taped interior, lots of pockets, changing pad, wipe case, caribiner – plus it comes with the new stroller attachment system, the Slip-Not!

It is available in 2 great colors - Botanical Azure and Blossom Redcrane – and is only $165!

Kid's Messenger
All four color-ways of the Kid’s Messenger are now in stock!
Check out the new colors: Pink with Houndstooth and Chocolate with Tropic Leaf! These bags for 5 – 10 year olds will make great holiday gifts. They can be worn as a backpack or as a messenger; include insulated, removable lunch totes; and are only $50!

Stocking Stuffers
Our new innovative universal stroller attachment system, the Slip- Not, makes a great stocking stuffer! It attaches to any stroller and practically any diaper bag and is only $18! The FOB wrist bags are available in 7 great colors and are only $22 (shipping included). Below: FOB wrist bags in Yellow Seedpod, White & Pink Ogo.

Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning starts early at Fleurville, their exciting Spring collection will begin arriving in February. That means it is time to make room in the warehouse by offering you great deals on discontinued bags!!! Check out the sales section below to see the huge savings!!!

Sale Items

Sling Tote in Yellow Seedpod
Reg. $150, NOW $85

Escape Pod in Yellow Seedpod
Reg. $54, NOW $34

G-Luxe in Black
NOW $125

G-Luxe in White
NOW $125

All bags available at