Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rebecca Denny Diaper Bags Beautiful on the Outside Practical on the Inside

by Jodi from Mom's Favorite Stuff (check it out, great reviews of all things mom related!)

As I will openly admit, I’m a diaper bag addict. Once I learned that my diaper bag was going to function as my purse (shortly after I had my first child), I set out to find something both functional and fashionable. I recently learned about Rebecca Denny which makes beautiful diaper bags that look absolutely nothing like the traditional diaper bag.

We received the Boudoir pattern Rebecca bag. The pattern is really beautiful in person - a sage green color with raspberry mini flowers. My first impression was that it is a beautiful bag, but may not be big enough for two in diapers. With two kids in diapers, there is a very fine line between big enough for everything and luggage! However, I am pleased to report that the Rebecca Denny bag not only fits everything I need for my two children, but also has room to spare!

The exterior features four pockets - two on each end fit a large sippy, baby bottle, or even a water bottle. The pocket is actually lined in a waterproof black material, so you can actually feel comfortable storing anything in these pockets. There are also two exterior front pockets that can hold your wallet, keys, cell phone, or anything else you may need to carry.

The interior contains a large changing pad that neatly folds up in the bottom. The changing pad has the patterned fabric on one side and the waterproof material on the other side! In addition, the body of the bag is a great rectangle size that fits spare clothes, diapers, wipes, and even my baby carrier! While this bag does fit everything, the design makes it look smaller than it is so you don’t look like you are carrying an overnight bag!

The workmanship on this bag is wonderful - I especially like the waterproof PVC/Polyester material on the bottom of the bag (in case you put it down on a dirty floor), and the handles are the perfect drop length. Rebecca Denny stands behind the quality of her bags and even offers a 6 month repair or replace warranty.

You can find Rebecca Denny bags at

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