Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Look like a Million Bucks with Susan Fitch Million Dollar Baby Bag

"It is now possible for a career-minded working mother to walk into the office with a bag that perfectly matches her Gucci suit, instead of one that matches her baby’s pajamas. After all, who said that once you enter into parenthood you have to become June Cleaver when you’ve always thought of yourself as a Jackie Onassis?" -- Factio Magazine about Susan Fitch Baby Bags.

Lots of diaper bags are cute. But this one is killer. Born of lustrous, meticulously stitched espresso leather, scattered with grommets, and lined with electric pink waterproof fabric, the bag sports a changing pad and enough pockets to hold extra wipes and a copy of your favorite magazine.

The Million Dollar Baby Bag is made of rich silverado leather, available in metallic gold, fuchsia, espresso, and white and aligned with elegant grommets on the outside pockets and handles. The clever compartments inside the fashionable diaper bag will satisfy a new mommy that is just as fussy as her baby. Functional flap pockets adorn the exterior of this square-framed bag, making it easy for mom to quickly grab for the bottle when it is feeding time. And since this stylish baby bag comes with a changing pad, you’ll be prepared for diaper duty when you’re out pushing junior’s stroller.

By the time your child has outgrown a need for a “diaper bag,” you may become so attached to this bag that you won’t want to give it up. Guess what? You won’t have to! The Million Dollar Baby Bag can still be your favorite accessory long after your bouncing bundle of joy stops wearing diapers. You’ll be able to use the bag as a spacious “everyday” bag or even as an overnight bag.

Celebs who carry them: Angelina Jolie (black leather), Jennifer Garner (white leather), Mariska Hargitay (gold), Maggie Gyllenhall (black).
Available at and other fine retailers.


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