Sunday, November 11, 2007

OiOi takes the shapes and colours of the current season in handbags and creates practical yet sophisticated designs that are tailor-made for mothers

This is certainly true as it relates to Oi Oi's latest line of Giraffe print bags. While we've only been able to see the tote so far (the hobos and messenger are due into the country this week) we have not been disappointed. The totes came out a couple of weeks ago and have been hot, hot, hot! Love the burnt sienna lining and the compartments. The size is perfect being more of a medium tote and just slightly larger than the usual Oi Oi hobo. Wear either over your shoulder,as a messenger, as a tote or on your stroller with the clips this is an amazing bag! The giraffe print is very hip and trendy perfect for the fun loving mother. The kids love the print too!

Tote description:
Giraffe print nylon canvas Tote in Cocoa/white with Burnt Sienna lining and faux leather trim
one main internal compartment with elasticised pockets
burnt sienna nylon lining and accessories
outer pockets for drinks and personal items
natural cotton weave double handle web straps, faux leather trim
large padded microfibre change mat
insulated bottle holder - insulation 2 hours
pvc zip top wet purse
pvc OiOi wipes case
antique nickel hardware
faux leather trim and stroller straps
long adjustable nylon web shoulder strap with dog clip ends
protective metal feet on base
12 high, 15.5 wide, 6 deep

The hobo and messenger is due in to the US on November 14th and we are hoping to have these in hand before Thanksgiving to ship to all those who have pre-ordered (are we going out on a limb here to speak for all retailers? LOL!) the long awaited hobos and messengers. The hobos look a little slouchier and a bit "rounder" in the photos, more on these after they arrive with some IRL photos of all three bags so make sure to check back...


Anonymous said...

I don't know how true it is but I had heard that the "slouchier" hobos, called the hobo sac, were going to be available in the US sometime in early 08. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how true it is but I've heard that the "slouchier" hobo will be available in the US sometime in early 08. Can't wait!

Teri VanDerLaan said...

Yes, this is true the slouchier hobo will be here late January in two new color combinations! However, the new slouchier hobo is already here in the form of the Giraffe. It's due in this week and I can't wait to see it, this is one bag that is long overdue!