Monday, November 12, 2007

Practical with a Punch, Ju Ju Be Diaper Bags Have It All

by Erika Thornes, Ju Ju Be Pink Lady/Ju Ju Be Addict

About a year ago, my friend proudly introduced me to her Sienna Swirl
BeSmall made by Ju-Ju-Be. She could not speak more highly of this bag,
in fact, she raved about it, showing me all its features, and would
not shut up! What really impressed me at first was how small it was
while still holding all the essentials. After listening to her go on
for over 10 minutes about this bag, I finally "caved" and went to the
website. I stared that the pictures for weeks, reading all about the
features, looking at all of the details, trying to figure out what bag
was the "right" bag for me to try. My first bag was the JuJuBe BeAll
in Blue Bouquet.

With a name like that, it had better be good. Well,
it was better than good, it was great. Sounds corny, but it is true.
It really seemed like it would be all I needed. I started to use it
right away, and discovered why my friend had raved so much. The
construction of the bag is unsurpassed. I haven't ever found a diaper
bag on the market that is as well built as the JuJuBes. Every detail
is throughly thought out. The owners/designers of Ju-Ju-Be have had
years of experience designing bags before branching out and forming
this company. Their professional experience stands out with the choice
of fabrics, the choice of shapes, even the hardware is fantastic. I
love the little rhinestone bling in the zipper pulls detail. Once I
discovered how great the bags were, I went a little Ju-Ju-Be crazy. I
bought the BeSmall next, then, many of the awesome accessories like
the Wardrobe Station and the Snack Capsule. I finally got convinced by
a friend that I really needed to try the Packabe.

I was going on a
trip, and totally hands free sounded like a good idea. I am not
normally a backpack person, but again, I caved and gave it a shot.
The Packabe is the perfect solution for a stroller free mom on the
go, a great bag for air travel. I, by this point am horribly addicted.
I picked up a BeMine to go in my bags. I use it as my daily
purse/wallet, and can throw it in any bag I am using, and carry it
independently into the store. I have been stopped more than once by a
curious person at the check out, asking where I got such a handy
purse. I eagerly awaited the new premiere line that came out in
August. I picked the BeSpicy as my new bag.
The Be Spicy is a
cumulation of everything that they learned from past bags. Taking the
best features of their collection, a bit of genius, and customer
insight from real moms, they concocted this fantastic bag. The details
are just right. Really, you can't go wrong with a JuJuBe. The
washable, antimicrobial, stylish bags are by far the most practical
stylish bags out there. Each bag has so many outstanding features and
uses, that one entry can't do the line justice.

Note from DBJ: With all of the great bags that Ju Ju Be has to offer we will be doing blogs about various Ju Ju Be bags throughout the month so please check back!

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