Sunday, November 25, 2007

Questions to ask when shopping for the PERFECT Diaper Bag

How many kids are you packing for?
Are you Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding?
Are you using cloth or disposable diapers (cloth requires much more room and space for wetbags)?

How do you like to carry your bag?

*Messenger Style - across the body, with a foldover flap and small, button down pockets on each end.

*Tote (like a tote bag) and if so, what strap drop will be the most comfortable for you?

*Backpack style; dual straps reduce back strain and free up your arms to carry/or wear your baby.

*Stroller bags - commonly designed with long, looping carrying straps that can be hung over/or attached to a stroller.

*Convertible bags - these are for women who like to change it up once in a while, they sometimes want a backpack, sometimes want to attach to their stroller and sometimes want to carry like a messenger. The Ju Ju Be Packabe is an excellent example of this type of bag.

Are you looking for a solid color or do you prefer a print (soft or bold)?

What type of material do you prefer: Leather, canvas, laminate, nylon, oil cloth, suede, vinyl, cloth, microfiber? Is wipeability or the ability to wash crucial?
Is the type of closure important to you? Will velcro wake the baby, do you need a magnetic snap or a zipper so nothing falls out?

What type of any how many pockets do you need? Are exterior bottle/sippy pockets important, do you need a large "mommy pocket" or a light interior so you aren't loading up a black hole?

What is your price range? Are you looking for stylish, super stylish or "OMG I can't stop looking at my bag" drop dead stylish?

There are no right or wrong answers but they are important questions. Only you have the answers, if you need help matching up your answers with the perfect bag -- you are in the right place.

Most moms have several bags, each has a different function and each is as important. Don't forget a bag that your husband can use. Daddy bags are all the rage right now, BUT if your husband is caught with your gorgeous floral or your TDF leather mom bag no one will really suspect it's his so you might as well just buy what YOU like...

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