Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fleurville Sling Tote - Wear it 3 Different Ways!

This is a very handy and versatile diaper bag for most any mother. It's got a great shape and ergonomic handles in a variety of positions.

* Versatile uses, including handles and stroller storage.
* Multiple colors and patterns.
* Handy pockets for various items.
* Complete with wipes container and changing pad.


* The fact that you can use it with double handles or as a messenger bag is great.
* The felt lined pockets for sunglasses and other items that need gentle handling is nice.
* It comes with several other pockets for stuffing items in separate compartments.
* The bag has its own wipes case that is see through so you know if you need to restock wipes.
* The key clip is super important so you're not digging for your keys all the time.
* The changing pad is not teethered and is very compact for easy travel and great clean up.
* You can attach this diaper bag to your stroller for use as a stroller bag, attachments included.
* The outer fabric is covered in vinyl for easy clean up.

The Sling Tote comes with three ways to carry it. You've got the built in, but easy to stow away, handles like a purse. This is great for slipping it off one shoulder to quickly grab something. It also has a detachable messenger bag handle. I like that the handle is ergonomic. There is also the ability to attach it to a stroller as a stroller bag, attachments included.

There are a ton of pockets for the fans of stuffing baby items. It's nice to be able to sort everything. I particularly like that they kept mom and dad in mind too, something not every diaper bag does. There is a carabiner clip for keys, so they don't fall to the bottom. I also like the felt lined pockets for cell phones, my iPod and sunglasses. This would also be nice for baby pictures. There is even an insulated, but attached, place to put baby bottles or a drink for you.

The wipes container is orange but see through. It's great for making sure you have wipes with you at all times. There is also a very thin changing pad. I loved the ease of use and cleaning ability.


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