Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Over the Moon for Maya Moon Designs Diaper Bags

I got my first Maya Moon bag a month ago and I'm hooked! I was visiting the IT bag and "everyone" was just raving so I had to check it out and purchased a Maya Moon Schlepp. The leather reminded me of pools of chocolate and was just so comfy and amazing. Then I saw a Maya Moon deluxe bucket bag with charcoal croc, gunmetal trim and white calf hair. Here's a picture of it. OMG! The calf hair goes all the way down the front to the bottom of the pockets on the front and the back and there are a ton of pockets on the inside made from beautiful fabric. I can't decide what to try next, but it will be fun trying to figure it out!

Maya Moon handbags are personally handcrafted with the most delicious and beautiful leather and textiles she can find. With a focus on durability and uniqueness, coupled with a passion for funky and adventurous fashion, Maya Moon bags are intended to reflect your personal fashion statement for years forward. Maya also gets it that function is essential in a bag. Function isn't JUST for diaper bags. Sturdy inside and outside pockets, high quality zippers and notions, and pattern design are all chosen for the marriage of functionality and flair.

Maya will custom design a bag for you! Where else can you get a custom made heirloom quality bag for $250-500.00? If you call she'll consult with you on the phone and send you swatches so you end up with a perfect bag that is all you! Diaper bag, non diaper bag, no one can tell which is which I guarantee.


maria said...

I have to get one of these. I am seriously drooling of these Maya Moon bags.

Katy said...


I think I found a Mayamoon bag in a random shop but want to know if it is a mayamoon bag before buying it, would you please be able to tell me if there is a logo word 'moon' on the inside?

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