Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fleurville 2nd Annual "Seconds" Sale

Holiday hugs to all of you from all of us!!!
We know the holiday season can be stressful, but …wishes can become true. You have all been asking for IT….and yes…here IT comes….
Our 2nd annual holiday Seconds sale!!!
Fleurville, seller of essential designs for modern parenting, is doing another major house cleaning before year’s end. Our goal is to sell all of our second quality inventory (bags rejected due to minor flaws) before 2008!
All sales are final. No returns, refunds or exchanges.
Here is the schedule:
3 Days Phone in 12/11 – 12/13 (10am – 3pm Pacific Standard Time) ONLY!
1 Day Walk in 12/13 (10am – 3pm Pacific Standard Time) ONLY!
Please remember we are in California so there is a 3 hour time difference if you are calling from the East Coast.
We have a good amount of seconds inventory (usually 20 bags or more) of the following SKU’s:
MotherShip Seconds @ $49.00!!! (Normally $150 retail)
Colors: Blue Chocolate, Houndstooth, Pink Chocolate and Yellow SeedPod.
*Very few: Black Cord, Floral Sky, Indigo, Pink Bingo, Pink Stripe Red Canvas, Mixed Ogo
Sling Tote Seconds @ $59.00!!!! (Normally $150 retail)
Colors: Pink Chocolate, Blue Chocolate and Blossom RedCrane
*Very few: Mixed Ogo, Leopard, Silver Ballistic, Chocolate Ogo and Pink Stripe
Suzy Pack Seconds @ $35.00!!! (Normally $130 retail)
Colors: Blue, Pink and Pink Ogo
Mini MotherShip Seconds: @ $35.00 ( Normally $130 retail)
Colors: Mixed Pink Bingo, Denim, Leopard
Mini Tote Seconds: @ $35.00 (Normally $130.00 retail)
Colors: Chocolate Ogo, Pink Stripe, Pink Bingo, Ogo
Escape Pod Seconds @ $18.00! (Normally $54.00 retail)
Colors: Pink Ogo, Pink chocolate and Leopard
*Very few Aquamarine Cord, Blue Chocolate, Floral Sky, Geo Orange
Lunch Packs Seconds @ $19.00 (Normally $34.00 retail)
Colors: Silver Pink, Silver Blue and Silver Orange
FOB Wrist Bag Seconds @ $8.00 (Normally $20.00 retail)
Colors: Blue Chocolate, Pink Chocolate, Denim Grommet, Leopard, yellow Seed Pod and White
Wristbag Seconds @ $3.00 (Normally $10.00 retail)
Colors: Geometric Orange, Houndstooth and Pink Stripe
Re-Run™ Stroller bag Seconds @ $19.00 (Normally $70.00 retail)
Colors: Grey, Olive, Pink, Red, Black and Chocolate
Beach Bag Seconds in Yellow Seed Pod only @ $35.00 (Normally $70.00 retail)
G-Luxe Seconds in Black only @ $69.00 (Normally $125 retail)
Luxe Bag Seconds in Pink only @ $99.00 (Normally $198 retail)
Lexie Tote Seconds in Botanical Azure only @ $99.00 (Normally $198 retail)
DJ Bag Seconds in Khaki only @ $59.00!!! (Normally $118 retail)
These are full functioning, complete bags with just cosmetic blemishes. These may include, but are not limited to: Slight discolorations, ink marks, minor nicks or fabric flaws. We cannot describe individual products. All sales are final. No returns, refunds or exchanges. US Domestic offer only. No international sales or shipping.
Please pass this email on to your friends who want to cash in on major discounts.
Warmest Regards and best wishes for the Holiday Season!!
The Fleurville Team!!

How to reach us

Toll Free:



Corporate Headquarters:
637 Lindaro Street, Suite 201
San Rafael, CA 94901


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about the great deals.

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