Saturday, December 1, 2007

I love my StorkSak Amelia

by Karen Baker

I just sold off my black StorkSak Gigi for an upgrade to the StorkSak
Amelia. It's basically the same bag except external features have a
leather snap flap, all black stitching and an extended strap you can
hook onto the silver rings if you want to hang it on your stroller.
That is one thing that bothered me about the Gigi is that I couldn't
hardly get the skinny straps hooked into my Kiwi kids G hooks. This
will allow me to just toss it over the stroller (I hate dealing with
hooks anyway). It also has straps identical to that of the StorkSak
Donna, wide straps for comfort. A nice change also is that there are
no snaps. That drove me crazy on my Gigi. I always wore it on the
shortest setting anyway. I loved the Gigi and was willing to
overlook it but it's a nice feature on this bag to not have the
snaps. They just came undone a lot more than I would have
preferred. All accessories including changing pad and bottle holder
are black as opposed to the standard tan color in other StorkSak

It's slightly different in the interior. The middle section (widest
area) is solid black on the inside (as opposed to the tan color on
the Gigi) but b/c of the shape of the bag it doesn't bother me - I
don't feel like I get the black hole effect on this one, it's very
classy. The two side areas really surprised me the most. It is this
gorgeous hot pink satin with the storksak logo on it. It matches my
hot pink Razr cell phone LOL. It's very much an upgrade from the
Gigi and that is what I was aiming for, something basically similar
but upgraded with features I wanted. I just LOVE it! If I could
change one thing about the Amelia though, it would not have the
leather flap in the front. I say that now b/c I would rather have a
zip compartment in the front to secure everything in. The snaps will
secure everything but I'm not sure yet if it will be an inconvenience
to have to snap the two snaps each time I close it. To me a better
design would have been either to not have the flap or to have a
zippered area under the flap for extra protection. We'll see how
much it bothers me.

Michelle from My Little Ducks was so nice to help me out with
everything and I'm very happy with my purchase. She also has a nice
holiday code going on right now for 20% off of holiday07.

Anyway, if you love black leather and nylon bags, you just can't go
wrong with a StorkSak. I've had over 40 bags in the last 2 years and
by far my favorite brand is StorkSak. They are awesome for top
quality and organization.


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