Saturday, May 8, 2010

Diaper Bags - What to pack

Happy Mothers Day!

Being Mothers Day I thought I'd give myself the weekend off of blogging, yet I couldn't stay away. I thought I'd repost my tips on "the bare necessities". A diaper bag is truly a mothers support system which is why I like to refer to them as your babies life support system. Everything you cannot personally provide (breastfeeding, hugs and kisses, back pats) must be carried with you so that you can function while you are out and about.

How to Properly Prepare your Life Support System

Diapers - disposable or cloth, add two to the number you think you will need for your outing (better to be safe than sorry).
Wipes - wet wipes for diaper changes AND antibacterial wipes for wiping down changing tables and who knows what else while you are out. The fashionable will want to look at the gorgeous designer cases out today. If you are a casual mom, ziplock bags work just fine too, they just aren't as "green".

Diaper Cream - Need we say more? Tip: keep a couple of diapers, some wipes and a tube of cream (we always liked "Butt Paste") in a Be Quick from Ju Ju Be. This handy wristlet makes a quick change to the restroom a snap, and it comes in gorgeous color options.

Changing Pad, Blanket, Burp Cloth, Bib(s) - Blanket can double as a changing pad if yours gets dirty and we've been known to use burp cloths as pillows on hard surfaces.

First Aid/Toiletries Kit - Very important, you don't want to be searching all over for that nose sucker when you really need it do you? We also like the size range of the Lexie Barnes mini's to keep these items neat and organized. Don't forget pain reliever for baby and for yourself.

Bottles/Sippies, Formula/Breastmilk, Baby Food and Snacks - depending on babies age. Check out the range of accessories from Ju Ju Be from sippy and bottle rockets to their snack capsule which is an insulated bag that will keep bottles, baby food jars and any sort of snack cool as a cucumber; the snack capsule includes a zipper pocket on top for spoons, teething rings, etc. The new fuel cell by Ju Ju Be is one of my favorite accessories for these items.

Extra Clothes - you never know when you'll experience one of those surprise blow-outs (most often after you've just changed the baby, of course). Spills and accidents will frequently leave babies in need of new clothes, so a spare outfit is essential. Also keep in mind weather changes. Nursing moms may want to stock their bag with an extra shirt of their own, there is nothing more embarrasing then walking around with two wet circles you know where...

Mess Bag(s) - self explanatory. Holds dirty diapers and soiled clothing. You CAN use ziploc bags but why do that when there are so many gorgeous options out there to use instead? You might want to keep a small sealable bag for each disposable diaper on hand, technically these are hazardous waste (yes, seriously) and need to be disposed of properly at home and not in public.

Entertainment - yes, entertainment. Early on it's rattles and colorful toys; later it's crayons, books, magnadoodles and dinosaurs. We are a big fan of the Lexie Barnes minis and Ju Ju Be Be Quicks for this too. Organization is key here.

Oh, if you are a babywearer don't forget your favorite sling!Phew, did we forget anything? Let us know and we'll add it.


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