Monday, April 5, 2010

Mommy of the Week! Luciana from Ohio

With our new Mommy of the Week feature we will have a new  mom spotlight every other week or so, if you'd like to refer a mom you think would be perfect for the job let us know!
This weeks mom is Luciana from Ohio who has two beautiful children and an AMAZING collection of diaper bags! Luciana was nominated by Erika in New Mexico who also asked her some questions to share:

Hi Luciana, 

You've got quite an impressive bag collection. What lead you to love bags so much?

"I'm always looking for the perfect bag for every situation. Since the perfect bag doesn't really exists I keep trying. :) "

 Luciana's DD with her Ju Ju Be mini be - perfect for a little girl!

What qualities do you look for in a bag?

"I don't want a bag to be too organized, but I do like some organization, especially a few inside pockets and a few outside. I like a bag that I don't have to baby too much, that's comfortable to wear and that looks pretty. "

What diaper bag brands do you like the most?

Ju Ju Be, Skip Hop, Lexie Barnes, Oi Oi 

What features do you look for in a diaper bag?

Great organization for baby and mommy things. Pockets big enough for diapers and wipes and outside pockets for water bottles and sippy cups.  

I see you have a lot of JuJuBes, what draws you to JuJuBe over other brands?

The pretty prints, amazing material, great customer service, washability and great accessory line. 

There is some exciting new stuff coming out, are you yearning for anything? 

I can't wait to try the JJB Behave! :D

And, in conclusion... what piece of advice would you give new moms looking for their first bag?

Look for a bag that will fit your style as well as your taste. Don't buy a bag thinking about the sex of the baby, buy something you can picture yourself wearing. Choose materials that are easy and good brands. Don't waste money on cheap bags. :)

Here are some of Luciana's favorite bags and the various ways she uses them:

 Ju Ju Be BeQuicks organized in trunk

 Not Rational Hansel

Ju Ju Be Wardrobe Station with meds

 Suitcase loaded with Be Quicks

Luciana, her little boy and Storksak Emily

Fleurville Hana                                       

                                          Lexie Barnes Darling


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